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October 03, 2005

DIARIO Editorial:Jorge Pesquera; Where were you the in the days that the American TV channels were in Aruba?

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From Diario, Jossy Mansur Editorial: UNDA JORGE PESQUERA TABATA? Where has Jorge Pesquera been?

Please keep in mind that this is an editorial and Jossy Mansur’s opinions regarding Jorge Pesquera and the Strategic Task forces lack of a pro-active response to a boycott. His response to Jorge Pesquera’s comments regarding wanting equal time and the prevention is eye opening. Many should realize that this editorial was meant for Aruban consumption, not American. Scared Monkeys had previously posted on ArubaTruth’s comments referencing the Dr. Phil show and the boycott. However, when an Aruban and a man like Jossy Mansur makes similar critical points I think that Arubans must stand up and take notice.

First off, and with all due respect Mr. Pesquera, where were you the in the days that the American TV channels were in Aruba? Currently, you are in no position to demand equal time on American TV to counter the ‘attacks’ against Aruba. In particular now that Dr. Phil has called out for American to stop visiting Aruba. I don’t believe that the strategic group can do something, especially not when the spokesperson you have appointed, I am doubtful that this will help in any way.

It would appear that Jossy Mansur also seems to have a problem with Ruben Trappeneberg, MEP government spokesman as well. For those of you that have questioned whether the Natalee Holloway issue is not a political one, I think Jossy Mansur has weighed in on how he feels. I would also tend to believe for those out there that do not deem this a real story that should be covered or that ArubaTruth.com should not respond; it would hardly seem that one of the largest newspapers in Aruba would still be covering the story and doing editorials if it were not important. Maybe ArubaTruth will respond to Diario? Many of these so-called “not important” missing persons stories actually may lead to reform or change behaviors of individuals. In the case of missing groom, George Allen Smith IV of Greenwich, his family is calling for legislative changes for cruise ship lines to protect passengers and their families. In Aruba there has been speculation as to reforming missing persons investigations according to sources.

To you and government representatives. And please spare me your opinion of Ruben Trappenberg, because he is one of the ones who made things worse due to his not answering questions, by instead fighting interviewers, making ridiculous accusations and diverting attention away from the incompetence and indifference of his government.

What is rather interesting and should be noted by Aruban and everyone alike is Jossy’s opinion of how one should go about dealing with the issue of boycott. Jossy is taking the approach of actually looking at the issues and seeing whether they are with or with merit. At a point in this investigation where to many people have misreported the problem as one of the Holloway/Twitty family vs. Aruba; Jossy Mansur is willing to use an honest approach to first deem whether the accusations are based in fact.

You want to counteract a forming boycott? First begin by looking at reality in the face. Start by analyzing the accusations and see if whether they have basis or not.

Do you by any chance question Joran’s release and the reasoning behind it that Joran has expressed his wishes to continue his studies as being correct? What kind of justice is this? And do you know, or are you up to date on all of what Joran has admitted to the Polis in his first declaration?

Then why do you say “baseless accusations”? The accusations have a solid basis, believe me, it’s the boycott that has no basis, because the Aruban people have given all their cooperation to find the young woman, treated the family well and with courtesy, and showed genuine interest to have the case solved.

As previously stated, many have questioned that American media and blogs cannot question or specifically understand the thought process or resentments that has been created by this investigation, media coverage and Beth Twitty’s actions. It has been stated that there is an inherent bias in the case if anyone other than Arubans are critical of Aruba. Jossy Mansur has done just that. What I give him credit for is that he wrote such a scathing editorial toward the present government after the election. Make no mistake about it he does call out the Aruban government and their inaction in being pro-active in preventing any possible boycott. Jossy makes it a political issue.

It is us who have the courage to confront the truth and to speak without fear, to make a difference. Neither you nor any other group or spokesperson will arrive to where you can prevent a boycott, if you do not confront it speedily, that can do great harm to our economy.

In the end, I ask myself: where were you when the American TV channels were in Aruba? Where was the government? What have you done to prevent what is coming toward us?

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