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July 18, 2010

VP Biden Spins Again, Republicans Caused Stimulus to be Lower that $787 Billion

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The Obama White House was back at it lying again on the Sunday talk shows …

This time it was VP Joe Biden who on ABC’s This Week stated that Republicans caused the economic stimulus package to be smaller than $787 billion in order to get their votes. First of all, thank you to any one who would have prevented this wasted stimulus money to be lowered. The Obama stimulus package has been a colossal waste of tax payer dollars that will cost our children and grandchildren for generations to come. What did they want … trillions!

Did Biden and the Obama White House not get the memo that Obama’s policies including the stimulus are looked upon negatively by the American public? The voters are telling Republicans to say “NO” to his economic policies. Obama promised jobs and there has been a net loss of jobs since the stimulus was passed. Obama promised 8% unemployment and we have 9.5% instead.

The truth is that Democrats did not need any Republican votes to pass the stimulus bill, that had overwhelming majorities in the House and Senate to pass the boobdoggle porkulus plan. BTW, what GOP support is Biden referring to? The House passed the bill 244 – 188 with no Republican support.

All but 11 Democrats voted for the plan, and 177 Republicans voted against it. The 244-to-188 vote came a day after Mr. Obama traveled to Capitol Hill to seek Republican backing, if not for the package then on other issues to come.

So what is Biden talking about that they reduced the size of the stimulus because of Republicans? The bill passed in the US Senate 61-37. Seriously, Biden is going to say that the stimulus bill was held hostage by two RINO’s from Maine, Collins and Snowe and a turncoat Republican now Democrat Arlen Specter from PA. Spare us Joe.

Vice President Joe Biden said that the Recovery Act was undersized because the White House shrunk the economic stimulus package to win Republican votes in Congress to pass it.

“I think it would have been bigger,” he told ABC’s Jake Tapper in an interview airing Sunday. “In fact, what we offered was slightly bigger than that.”

In the end, the administration found three Republican votes to pass the Recovery Act. And, while “a lot” of administration officials believe the emergency spending was too small, Biden said that more than 3 million people are now working because of the federal programs.

Dear Mr. Biden, that is 3 million imaginary jobs.

Let’s get this correct. The strategy by Obama and Biden is to say that Republicans prevented the Democrats from further increasing the already out of control federal deficit? Really, isn’t our federal deficit already bad enough.

President Obama, the worst jobs president in American history, has tripled the national deficit and nearly doubled the US unemployment rate from the Bush years since he’s been in office.

Barack Obama’s Keynesian policies have failed but he still wants to blow even more taxpayer cash.

This is exactly the reason why there is continued polling data that states that Americans in a generic ballot will vote for Republicans over Democrats. Even with the GOP credibility in Congress being lower than that of Democrats, 41% would cast a

The poll, released Friday, finds that 41 percent of voters will cast their ballots to register opposition to President Obama’s policies. A third (33 percent) will vote to express their support. The policies of the administration will not be a factor for 20 percent of voters.

By 50-36 percent, more voters think Democratic control of Congress and the White House for the last year and a half has been bad for the country.

By 43-36 percent, more think it would be better for the country if Republicans win control of Congress in this year’s election. Fifteen percent don’t think it would make a difference either way.

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