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July 17, 2010

President Barack Obama Coattails … More Like an Anchor for Democrats in 2010 Midterms

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Following the 2008 Presidential “Hope & Change” elections, the Democrat Party put all their eggs in the Barack Obama basket hoping that the “coattails” of the Chosen One would lead them to the promise land.  However, a funny thing happened on the way to the 2010 midterm elections, the American people figured out Obama was a socialist and has a lack of leadership skills.


Obama Coattails? He’s an Empty Suit

President Barack Hussein Obama has gone from “the Chosen One” to an ANCHOR for the Democrat party. According to a new FOX News Opinion Dynamis poll, voters will be going to the midterm elections and voting to send a message to the Obama White House. Without the President being on the ballot, Obama’s socialist and failed agenda will be. 41% of voters stated that they will be casting their ballots in November against the Obama WH, while only 33% will be doing so in favor. 

Voters will go to the polls this November with control of Congress at stake. Yet most voters say when they pull that lever, they will be sending a message to the White House, according to a Fox News poll.

The poll, released Friday, finds that 41 percent of voters will cast their ballots to register opposition to President Obama’s policies. A third (33 percent) will vote to express their support. The policies of the administration will not be a factor for 20 percent of voters.

Most Republicans — 72 percent — describe their midterm vote as expressing opposition to the Obama administration. That’s a bit higher than the 64 percent of Democrats who say their vote will express support. One in 10 Democrats will vote to express opposition to the president (11 percent).

Independents are nearly 20 percentage points more likely to say their vote will express opposition (41 percent) rather than support (23 percent) for Obama policies. Thirty-three percent of independents say the administration won’t influence their vote.

 Full poll results can be seen HERE.

As with most polling data, the Fox News polls shows that “independents”have departed the Obama bandwagon and look to vote in opposition to him in 2010. The very people who elected Obama, now consider him a liability.

When asked if  the election for Congress were held today, would you vote for the Democratic candidate in your district or the Republican candidate in your district, Republicans prevailed 41% to 37%.

How much help is Obama going to be to Democrats when his own Press Secretary Robert Gibbs made the comment and created a firestorm betwwen House Democrats and the WH with the comments that Republicans could take over the House in 2010? Barack Obama was hardly a help in 2009 in NJ, VA or MA … all contests lost by Democrats.

With Barack Obama’s approval rating sinking fast and so many Americans against his policies, how could he ever be considered a positive in a close race to sway independents? It has already been reported that blacks do not seem to be motivated in 2010, what else is left?

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