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March 14, 2005

Democrats Primary Reason For Losing: Blame It On Iowa & NH

Posted in: Politics

Since the 2004 Election Democratic nightmare we have heard more excuses for losing from he Democrats than a room full of children surrounded by broken pieces of window glass. We have heard they didn’t get their message out, Republicans demonized them, ad placement was incorrect and they did not relate to the common man. Now the Democrats have come up with yet a new excuse for losing.

The Democrats are questioning why they spend so much time, money and resources to deal with a population in both Iowa and New Hampshire that make up only about 1.5% of the population.

“Does it make sense to spend so much time and money to reach such a small fraction of the electorate?”

“Should other states get a chance to hold the first contests in an election cycle?”

“Iowa and New Hampshire have outmaneuvered critics to hold their lead off positions during the last quarter-century. Other states have demonstrated increasing frustration by crowding closer to the start of the calendar.”

The complaints come from the fact that many other States feel insignificant in the political process, yet it is shown in many Primaries that so few people actually do vote. What is most confusing is that this is even an issue to be discussed as being an issue that could could or contribute to a political loss.

Do Democrats not understand the Republicans are in the same boat with Iowa and NH being the first Caucus and Primary? Why would this be an issue that would favor one Party over the other? This has been the political process for years and now Democrats think that it adversely affects them. Maybe it’s their policies and beliefs that are adversely affecting them.

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