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September 27, 2005

Dave Holloway: Joran is making up a story trying to protect himself and I saw right through it right away.

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Dave Holloway’s interview last night on The Abrams Report had some interesting comments. As previously posted, Dave Holloway’s is a patient man but do not ever let patience be confused with sitting back and not expecting movement or answers. Also Dave Holloway is privy to much information that the public is not and has formulated his own opinions as to what transpired. Now its just a matter of legally proving it.

One of the first things that was most interesting was some of the statements that Dave made that were in complete agreement with those that Beth Twitty has made as well. Much has been made over the fact that both may disagree as to a supposed boycott of Aruba, but make no mistake folks they both agree on finding their daughter and most likely what occurred. Trust me for those who wished to try the “divide and conquer” principle with Beth and Dave, try again. The following exchange sounds exactly what like Natalee Holloway’s mom Beth Twitty has been saying. (Full transcript)

Dave Holloway’s audio interview.

HOLLOWAY: Well as you recall, his earlier statements—police statements, he indicated that she was going in and out of consciousness and as you’re progressively getting worse, I don’t see how she could be able to be functioning at that point in time. I did have some new information that led me to believe that Deepak was the one who assisted her out of the Carlos N’ Charlie’s. And based on this statement I just got a feeling that alcohol was not the only drug administered. ABRAMS: And do you have any evidence of that or is that just your theory…

HOLLOWAY: No, that’s just my theory.


HOLLOWAY: Just based on this witness statement.

Dave also goes on to mention his recent trip to Aruba, meeting with the Prosecutor and an interview he gave where he addressed the Aruban people.

HOLLOWAY: Well, especially what Beth has been saying. I had given an interview last week indicating that the Aruban people didn’t have anything to do with this and that I needed their help and—help to solve this case and that’s my position as of today.

This is an important fact as many Arubans can find solace in the fact that Dave Holloway is asking for their help and does not wish to blame Aruba as a whole for the disappearance of his daughter, Natalee Holloway. However, contrast that with the interview that Joran Van der Sloot gave on ‘A Current Affair’. Not only did Joran Van der Sloot seem to blame the entire event on Natalee Holloway in that she wanted to be with him and dance with him, but also blamed the Mountain Brook teenagers. However, Joran at no point takes any responsibility nor answers the question how this could lead to a missing girl. What Arubans, Joran’s friends and one particular local Aruban bar should take notice of is Joran van der Sloot’s following comment from his ‘Current Affair” interview:

I don’t have really that many memories. I mean, I only knew her for one night. I feel stupid, I feel horrible that I went out that night without my father knowing. I should’ve just stayed home and this wouldn’t have happened to me. It would’ve happened to another person. I just try to look at it like I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, maybe even with the wrong people.” I just hope that everything… that the truth comes out, that this comes to clarity in this case.

Reporter: If you could do it over again, what would you do differently?

I would’ve just stayed home that night. It was Natalee who asked me to go out with her. It was her that asked me to go to the club. It was her that was yelling for me to go dance with her. And I went to go have a drink with my friends.

The wrong place at the wrong time and maybe even with the wrong people? So was the wrong place Carlos n’ Charlie’s in Aruba? Was the wrong time Sunday night when is has been reported in past interviews that Natalee’s friends were surprised to see Joran there because he said is was not much going on there Sundays? Was the wrong people the Kalpoe brothers? Who else was he referring to? Joran claims that he just wanted to have a drink with his friends, those same people he refers to as “maybe even with the wrong people”.

Hopefully the many good people of Aruba will realize that maybe its Joran van der Sloot that may not have Aruba’s best interest at heart and only his own.

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