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September 26, 2005

Beth Twitty Live in NYC, Fox “The Big Story”

Posted in: Aruba,boycott,Media,Missing Persons,Natalee Holloway

Last night on Fox’s “The Big Story” Beth Holloway Twitty was live on set in NYC discussing the disappearance of her daughter Natalee Holloway and Joran Van der Sloot’s consistent disregard to take responsibility for anything.

Hat Tip: BamaLady for unofficial account of interview

Natalee’s mother, Beth Holloway Twitty is here with us. Beth, how do you feel things are going down there in Aruba?

BETH: Well, when I hear that the search is continuing for Natalee of course that is something that Jug and her father and I so desperately hope continues. One thing that really concerns me though is the statements that they have from Joran and also there has been a taped confession from Deepak, and they are clearly stating how Natalee is coming in and out of consciousness. Joran has already admitted to having sex with Natalee at his home at 1:40 am. Why, though, they were not brought charges against for rape I just don’t understand.

And now there is this new interview that Joran did with A Current Affair. Tell us about that and tell us why you are so angry about it.

BETH: It is typical of Joran, and it is so ironic when you listen to his video tape. He is not to blame for anything. He is placing the blame on the tourism, that they say it is down in Aruba and he is placing that on me. He is placing, as far as Natalee being drunk, he has even admitted during this interview that he buys her the shot that he buys her the drink, and he is blaming her for being drunk. It is like he does not accept responsibility for anything that has gone on when he is the one who is completely responsible for this. He is the reason why Aruba, that the tourism is down.

Let’s talk about the tourism. Are you asking for a boycott of Aruba?

BETH: What I am asking for is for the millions of people who have supported me through their thoughts and prayers through emails through cards and letters to please consider refraining from traveling to Aruba and other Dutch Kingdom territories until Natalee is returned to me, because they CAN make this happen! The answers are there, we have the three individuals, three suspects including Paulus Van der Sloot that have the answers to what happened and where Natalee is.

But if Joran is now in Holland, Aruba really isn’t involved with him in particular, who you hold primarily responsible, correct?

So it appears that in advance of the Joran Van der Sloot “A Current Affair” interview Beth Twitty is going to do the LIVE Talk show circuit in NYC to ask tourists not to go to Aruba until her daughter Natalee is returned. I will guess that she will be live on MSM cable shows all day tomorrow. The Joran “Current Affair” interview may have been a colossal mistake in regards to Aruba. Then again, I doubt very much whether Joran cares what happens in Aruba seeing that he has fled to Holland.

BETH: Yes, (Joran is primarily responsible) absolutely.

So then Aruban authorities who are conducting these searches, do you feel that they should still be doing more than that?

BETH: I feel that Joran should be brought back for charges to be filed against him for kidnapping and rape. I think it has become crystal clear exactly what he has done to Natalee. Whether they went ahead and murdered her after a gang rape I don’t know that but Depak has admitted in a taped confession to Jamie Skeeters that they all had sex with Natalee and Joran clearly has Natalee coming in and out of consciousness. If that does not constitute gang rape then I don’t know what does.

So at this point Beth hat do you think happened to Natalee?

BETH: Well, I don’t know what they did with her after that but what I do know is that Joran clearly has Natalee drunk or drugged as she is coming in and out of consciousness. He specifically states that he has sex with her at his home, and we have Depak with a taped confession that they all had sex. I know that is what happened. What they did with her after that no we don’t know, but it certainly seems like the list of inconsistencies and a reasonable doubt is clearly there.

Will you go back to Aruba to continue to stay on this case? You were there. You worked it. This is your daughter. Do you feel that you need to be there to get an answer?

BETH: Yes, yes and I will be returning within two weeks.

Alright Beth, thank you for being here and our thoughts and prayers obviously continue.
If anyone has information, it is still timely to give the authorities a call. Thank you so much.

BETH: Thank you.

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