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September 25, 2005

Picking up the pieces after Hurricane Rita

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The residents and business owners alike pick up the pieces and survey the destruction following the onslaught of Hurricane Rita. Although not as damaging, thankfully, as predicted there is still much to repair in Gulf Coast region. RITA tx

More than a million people were without electricity and many coastal towns suffered major storm damage after the second ferocious hurricane to sweep off the Gulf of Mexico in less than a month slammed ashore early Saturday.

I think we can all give a sigh of relief that the damage and loss of life was not as bad as the the previous Hurricane Katrina or as any had predicted. There was a much greater preparation for Hurricane Rita than Katrina as thankfully both local, state and federal government officials learned from Hurricane Katrina. Also the citizens of the Gulf coast evacuated in mass in advance of Hurricane Rita.

Roofs were ripped off in the winds, businesses were razed by fire and floods spread through low-lying towns, but the region’s vital oil infrastructure was relatively unscathed and there were few reports of casualties.

Texas Governor Rick Perry told the Fox news channel:

“The good news is it appears that there’s been no loss of life. I mean, that’s almost a miracle, a blessing.” “The cleanup effort is just beginning. And we want to ask people to stay where they are. Don’t be coming back into this area, certainly. It’s still dangerous.”

AP: Texas, La. Begin Cleaning Up After Rita

>>>>Airlines Resume Houston Flights after Hurricane Rita

In the aftermath of Hurricane Rita, Commercial airlines resumed service Sunday at Houston airports that were shut down Friday before Hurricane Rita landed. Houston’s main airports, Bush Intercontinental and Hobby, were not significantly damaged as the storm shifted east and skirted the city, airline officials said.

>>>>Florida Keys Ready to Welcome Visitors After Hurricane Rita

Officials in the Florida Keys urged tourists to wait until today to travel to the area after it was sideswiped by Hurricane Rita on Tuesday.

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