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June 27, 2010

92 Year Old Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) Seriously ill in DC Hospital

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According to The Hill, 92 year old West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd has been admitted to a Washington-area hospital and is in “seriously ill” condition. The official statement regarding Byrd’s health is as follows:


9 term SU Senator, Robert Byrd (D-WV)

The statement said that Byrd, 92, “was admitted to the hospital late last week suffering from what was believed to be heat exhaustion and severe dehydration as a result of the extreme temperatures.” The region has experienced a stretch of temperatures in the 90s with high humidity.

Byrd’s office said he was not expected to remain in the hospital more than a few days, but “other conditions have developed which has resulted in his condition being described as ‘serious.’”

Although I rarely agree with Senator Byrd and am a proponent of term limits so that DC does not become what it has and a bastion of career politicians, we wish Robert Byrd our prayers for a speedy recovery.

At the age of 92 it is time to step down from the Senate. The US Senate was never intended to be the US Supreme Court and a position for life. Robert Byrd’s political career is remarkable, he is the longest serving member in congressional history. Byrd was elected  to the House in 1952 and the Senate in 1958. Even more phenomenal is that he has served in Congress through 12 presidents. All the more reason why the US Senate needs to be term limited.

Get well Senator Byrd.

UPDATE I:If Robert Byrd is not able to continue as US Senator and does step down, the provision is West Virginia is to have the Governor appoint a replacement to serve out the remaining 2-1/2  years of Byrd’s 9th term. Thus the Democrat governor would appoint a Dem as a replacement. According to the WAPO, there would be no special election and there would be no potential change of party affiliation of the seat. However, Byrd’s US Senate seat will be up in 2012 and the fact that West Virginia has trended Republican in recent years could mean the seat could change in 2012.

UPDATE II: Robert C. Byrd Has Passed Away

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