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June 24, 2010

Another Obama Loss: Judge Blocks Obama Moratorium on Deep Water Drilling

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President Barack Hussein Obama loses another one as his policies and agenda are rebuked by the Courts.

U.S. District Judge Martin L.C. Feldman in New Orleans issued an injunction blocking the six month moratorium that President Obama imposed on deep water drilling following the BP oil spill.  This is not necessarily a victory for oil companies, but one more for the thousands of oil company workers, the economy and a victory against Obama’s “Cap & Trade” agenda and knee jerk reaction to the BP oil spill.

U.S. District Judge Martin L.C. Feldman said in issuing his injunction that the Interior Department had failed to show that the oil spill triggered by the Deepwater Horizon rig blowout in April meant that there was imminent danger on all deep-water drilling rigs in the gulf. By contrast, he said, the “blanket, generic, indeed punitive, moratorium” has clearly harmed the industry and region.

“An invalid agency decision to suspend drilling of wells in depths of over 500 feet simply cannot justify the immeasurable effect on the plaintiffs, the local economy, the Gulf region and the critical present-day aspect of the availability of domestic energy in this country,”Feldman wrote in a case brought by Hornbeck Offshore Services and three other offshore oil service firms.

What is most amazing as seen at Town Hall,  in the judges ruling is he did not only throw out Obama’s moratorium, but he also accused the administration of misleading the public. Did you catch that America … Obama Administration was misleading, you mean they lied.

“Much to the government’s discomfort and this Court’s uneasiness, the summary also states that ‘the recommendations contained in this report have been peer-reviewed by seven experts identified by the National Academy of Engineering.’ As the plaintiffs, and the experts themselves, pointedly observe, this statement was misleading,” Judge Feldman said in his 22-page ruling.

President Barack Obama and his minion Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar refusing to take reson into consideration and being hellbent on shutting down deep water drilling and forcing people out of jobs said Tuesday evening that “I will issue a new order in the coming days that eliminates any doubt that a moratorium is needed, appropriate and within our authorities.”

The Obama moratorium was not only overkill, but was a amateurish knee jerk reaction by a President so far over his head that any reaction, good or bad, would be considered a good one for this “Novice” in Chief. It also smells of a liberal political agenda to force through “Cap & Trade”.

One would one presume that just because an accident occurred at one oil company drilling rig that they would occur at every single other one? Imagine using that same philosophy with crime? So we are presented with an Obama Administration that is going to tale on the oil companies with a moratorium and Arizona with immigration law all while the American people stand opposed to the Obama agenda.

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