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March 12, 2005

Not So Fast Ward, Maybe No Re”WARD” After All

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We posted yesterday that there was a settlement deal in the works with the University of Colorado and embattled professor, Ward Churchill. Just when we thought this story would come to an end …

Now there seems to be a change of heart in the settlement and for Ward Churchill, no soup for you“.

Former state Senate President John Andrews published a report claiming Churchill had committed plagiarism and academic fraud. And a Canadian University gave UC a lawyer’s opinion on the 13-year-old plagiarism case involving Churchill.

That lawyer determined Churchill had published the work of one of the school’s professors, Fay Cohen, without proper citation, said a spokesman for the Canadian school.

I had wondered just how many offenses it would take before the University would have the courage to just do what they would have done with any other professor with so many charges against them. FIRE HIM!

Update: Michelle Malkin has even more on the never ending story that is Ward Churchill

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