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June 20, 2010

Joran Van der Sloot’s Mom Anita Admits He Killed Stephany Flores … “He is Sick in the Head”

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You know it’s bad for Joran Van der Sloot when his chief, life long enabler, his mother Anita Van der Sloot, thinks he is guilty of murder. Son, or should I say “Sporter,” you got a problem.

A shocker from Anita Van der Sloot, the mother of the suspected killer of 21 year old Stephany Flores … Joran Van der Sloot may have caused “something bad to happen.” After five years of defending her sopn Joran Van der Sloot in the death and disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba, it did not take long for Anita Van der Sloot to say that she thinks her son may have killed Stephany Flores. However, even after Joran Van der Sloot is 100% guilty in the murder of Stephany Flores in Peru, the sick, enabling family of “the Little Dutch boy” still blames his problems on Natalee Holloway and the circumstances that followed the investigation. Please Anita Van der Sloot, this kid has been a sick, lying deceitful puppy for quite some time and you and the late Paulas Van de Sloot knew damn well.


A much different picture in Aruba, when the Van der Sloots could have stopped Joran once and for all

Joran Van der Sloot’s own mother thinks he may have killed Stephany Flores.

Anita Van der Sloot reportedly made the statement to a Dutch newspaper.

“Joran is sick in his head, but he didn’t want any help,” the Dutchman’s mother isquoted by De Telegraaf, in which she also admits her son “could have done something” to Stephany Flores.

What was your first guess Anita?  Could it have been the VIDEO showing Joran Van der Sloot going into the hotel room with Staphany and her never leaving? Or could it have been the VIDEO of Joran bringing two coffees back to the room and faking like he was locked out of the room. Or could it have been the fact that Joran robbed the girl of her poker winnings from the night before and took off only to be arrested as a fugitive in Chile? Or could it have been the fact that Joran Van der Slot was the last person ever to be seen with Stephany Flores prior to her bloodied body being discovered beaten to death? Or maybe it was the fact that your “little sporter” confessed to the crime?


The fact of the matter is that Joran Van der Sloot did kill Stephany Flores, now it is time for Anita Van der Sloot to admit that her son also killed Natalee Holloway. Joran Van der Sloot’s issues did not start with Natalee Holloway, that just happened to be when he escalated his sociopath tendencies.


A sociopath in the making … young Joran Van der Sloot

Anita reportedly told De Telegraaf that she and her husband, Paul Van der Sloot, had made a mistake not getting their son psychiatric help after the Holloway incident.

“After he was arrested for Natalee’s disappearance, he was traumatized,” she is quoted as saying in De Telegraaf. “We made a big mistake then. We sent him to the Netherlands to study. He should have gone to a closed clinic, he needed psychological help even back then.”

Anita Van der Sloot also reportedly admited to talking with her son the day before he was captured in Chile.

How pathetic is it that Joran’s mother still cannot own up to the fact that her son was “sick in the head” long before Natalee Holloway ever had the misfortune of going on vacation in Aruba in 2005?  Yes, you are to blame and you do have blood on your hands for not having your son to have psychological help; however, it should have been long before 2005.  It could easily be seen from Joran’s ex-girlfriend, Melody Granadillo, that Joran Van der Sloot had issues in 2003. Even back then his ex-girlfriend saw the signs that “Mr. Wiggles” had issues, how could his parents not have as well? The answer is, they didn’t want to see it and instead made excuses which in turn created the out of control monster that has taken at least two lives.

In the end, Anita Van der Sloot says that if Joran is guity of the murder of Stephany Flores, she will basically disown him. Hell, it’s not like you provided the proper parenting for his first 22 years ofl life, why start now. What is most comical and sick is that Anita still defends Joran in the death of Natalee Holloway. Becuase you know Anita, not like there is an MO to your Sporter’s crime.

Van der Sloot had been traveling the world but returned to Aruba in April after his father, Paul, died of a heart attack while playing tennis.

In the Telegraaf interview, Anita van der Sloot said she does not believe her son killed Holloway.

“But if he killed Stephany, he’ll have to pay the price. I won’t visit him in his cell, I cannot embrace him,” she was quoted saying.

She said Joran’s mental health had deteriorated steadily since Holloway disappeared. She attributed his decline in part to media scrutiny.

“I can’t cry for Joran like I did for Paul. I hope that he gets psychological help.”

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