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September 19, 2005

Interview With Arlene Ellis-Schipper and Beth Holloways Twitty’s Reaction

Posted in: Natalee Holloway

From Fox News Big Story Sunday Sept 18 (Hat Tip: SMS)

Reporter: Supposedly now, there is this audio tape with Deepak Kalpoe supposedly admitting that he, his brother and Joran had sex with NH the night she disappeared. Let me ask you if you had the person who made the Arlenerecording willing to testify as to how he made it, and how the conversation went down, would that be admissible in Aruban court?

Arlene: Well first of all yes, that would be admissible but, what you need to get this in court is real evidence. So far, we have seen a lot of not true things. We need the facts in this case. The tape that we heard was not enough evidence in my opinion to constitute a criminal offense there has been a lot of reporting in this case based on innuendo. For instance, the release during the hurricane to sweep things under the rug. Everything in this case until now in my opinion has been done according to the law so we need to stick to the facts.

Reporter: You have Joran supposedly confessing that Natalee was fading in and out of consciousness the night she disappeared. Now another one of the would be suspects saying all three had sex with her. That at least suggests there was non consensual sex with Natalee and one or more of these boys. Couldn’t you at least see this turning into a sex crime charge?

Arlene: Well, potentially yes but again, we need to look at facts whether the evidence, or so called evidence is enough. First of all, those declarations need to be signed by the suspects .You need sustaining evidence to make a case. Like in every civilized country, there is a benchmark of the amount of evidence that the prosecutor needs to show the judge to make it a case. As of now, it hasn’t been done.

The interview with Arlene Ellis-Schiffer although technically legally correct and that is what her job is to provide legal analysis does show and highlight the frustration level of gaining evidence. It is rather troubling when one has a tape and records of admissions of potential crimes but that is not enough as declarations then need be signed by the suspects. The following is Beth’s reaction to the interview.

Reporter: Arlene says she doesn’t believe the tape is sufficient evidence for a sex crime charge to result. Are you hearing something different from the prosecutor?

Beth: What I am hearing is that it is not clear. What I am hearing is that it is clear, crystal clear. We have a taped confession of a gang rape. Deepak admitting that they all had sex with Natalee. Joran’s signed declaration saying how she is falling asleep, awake, coming in and out of consciousness repeatedly. If that is not enough crystal clear glaring evidence, I don’t know what more needs to be brought forward.

Not only that we can even go back to a gardener who had destroyed Deepak and Satish’s alibi early on. You have Nadira on tape with two ex FBI agents and I am not sure what more they are looking for when it is staring them in the face I don’t know what more needs to be brought forward.

Reporter: It may not be a perfect case, but it seems they are developing some pretty darn good evidence. Deepak Kalpoe allegedly made statements to whom?

Beth: The man he was speaking with was Jamie Skeeters, thirty eight year commander in chief. Deepak was advised that he was being recorded. He was well aware of it

Reporter: How did he get Deepak to talk to him, what did he tell him?

Beth: I don’t know, I would love for you to interview Jamie, he could of course tell us how this all came about. It is very credible, and it is glaring evidence

Reporter: You have heard the tape, Beth?

Beth: Oh yes, I have heard it many times

Reporter: On it of course Deepak supposedly admits to having sex with Natalee and says that his brother and Joran did as well that night. He makes very derogatory comments about her and refers to her as a slut. What is your reaction to hearing this kid talk about Natalee that way so callously?

Beth: Well, I think what Dr. Phil said sums it up beautifully. I think that all three of them including the father are sociopaths. I think it is just more evident to the world. In Aruba they need to realize that the world has been keeping up with the details of this investigation. I think that all the facts are coming through loud and clear that we do have evidence and it should warrant the rearrest of all of these suspects.

Reporter: The day that these three were released, I understand that actually some evidence came out that day that the three stories were shifting again. They were pointing the finger at each other, instead of denying the crime all together.

Beth: I am so glad you asked me that. Sept 1st at 1pm I received a phone call from my attorney, and from the prosecuting attorney information was coming out of those interrogations. On sept 1st, these young men had divided. They were not denying a crime anymore. The interrogations were unfolding, things were really moving along

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