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June 19, 2010

Joran Van der Sloot to Join General Population at Castro Castro Prison in Peru … Is JVDS a Dead Man Walking?

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Water seeks it’s own level … welcome to Hell Joran. Who knew that Justice for Natalee abd Stephany might come eventually in the form of “Prison Justice.”

“They’ll be lining up to kill him. He has no hope. He has no chance.”

 According to Amigoe, Joran Van der Sloot will soon be put in general population at the Castro Castro prison in Lima, Peru. With two th three months Joran Van der Sloot, the little Dutch boy who has been accused in the  robbery and murder of 21 year old Stephany Flores will be put in with the rest of the hardened criminals in the Castro Castro prison. Throw in the fact that Joran Van der Sloot has confessed to the murder and what better place is there for “the little Sporter” than with the rest of the human waste of convicts in general population.


Joran van der Sloot will be transferred to the general department of the Castro Castro prison in Lima within two to three months. He is currently confined in cell on his own in a separate department – for his own safety. Joran is on remand for the murder of the 21-year old Peruvian Stephany Flores.

In a TV-documentary with the Dutch station SBS 6, prison director Ruben Rodriguez Rabanal stated that Joran is in a separate cell as he is involved with a high-profile case’. He will be placed with the other prisoners within two to three months’ time.” The director does not expect any problems. He states that mainly child abusers have a difficult time amongst the prisoners. “Joran is not a child abuser. He is a big fellow. I therefore do not expect any problems when he is placed amongst other prisoners.”

It’s time for Joran Van der Sloot to put on his big boy underwear. The “Little Dutch bboy” is about to learn a lesson of real life, if you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime. There is no reason why Van der Sloot should be given special treatment. The Castro Castro prison is home to many murderers in general population. Joran van der Sloot is no special than any other killers. Welcome to hell Joran, YOU AIN’T IN ARUBA ANYMORE!!!

However, journalist Wim van de Pol, the only Dutch reporter ever to have visited the Castro Castro prison, says it is perilous inside. “The right of the strongest applies there.” It is indeed a severely guarded prison of the highest level, but the security is only focused on keeping the prisoners inside, Van der Pol explains. “They monitor who goes in and who goes out. What happens inside is not that important.”

Van de Pol had visited the prison disguised as a priest. “No journalists were allowed inside at that time.” He describes the prison as ‘very very bad’ and says people are killed regularly. “There is a permanent shortage of food and hardly any medical care.”

So what do others say about Joran Van der Sloot and his time that will be spent in a Peruvian prison? Ex-con Larry Levine, founder of Wall Street Prison Consultants says that Van der Sloot is a goner and a dead man.

So says prison expert and ex-con Larry Levine, founder of Wall Street Prison Consultants.

On “The Early Show on Saturday Morning,” Levine said van der Sloot will never last in prison in Peru, where he’s being held for the May 30 slaying of 21-year-old business student Stephany Flores in his Lima hotel room.

The Dutchman is also still the chief suspect in the 2005 disappearance in Aruba of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway.

And, says Levine, he probably doesn’t have much time left.

I guess the same could have been said about Natalee Holloway in Aruba in 2005 and most recently Stephany Flores in Peru after they met Joran Van der Sloot … They did not have much time left either. However, they were unsuspecting and innocent victims.

Asked by co-anchor Chris Wragge what advice he’d give van der Sloot, Levine said,“I’d tell him, ‘You’re not gonna make it,’ that ‘What you need to do is pray, because someone’s gonna kill ya, and just enjoy the rest of the time you have left on Earth.’

“You know, that’s a dangerous place. … You’ve got murderers there, terrorists there – you’ve got bad people. And the problem he’s facing is that the father of Stephany (Flores) … is a prominent person. And this is an impoverished prison. And you pay off the right people, ya know, someone will stick a knife right in the guy.

“They’ll be lining up to kill him. He has no hope. He has no chance.

“And I could give advice to his mother, that I would go out and buy a black dress and get ready for the funeral, because it’s gonna be all over pretty soon.”

WOW, talk about your straight talk … The Van der Sloots should have taken such advice a long time ago and clamp down on Joran and his sociopath ways. Instead they just enabled him and allowed him to get away with the murder of Natalee Holloway. Now, some five years later and Joran Van der Sloot an even more dangerous individual … will meet his Maker by means of prison justice.

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