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June 14, 2010

Dumb and Dumber, First Obama Compares BP Oil Spill to 911, Then Goes Golfing

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More profiles in Leadership … Obama compares the Gulf oil crisis to 911.

ARE YOU SERIOUS … and the LEFT called GWB stupid? Welcome to “Dumb and Dumber, the Obama edition”. This President just cannot differentiate between Gulf and Golf.


Yesterday, President Barack Hussein Obama told the POLITICO that the Gulf Coast BP oil spill disaster was like 911. You heard that correct, Obama compared a oil spill, ecological accident to a premeditated terrorist act like September 11, 2001. I wonder how the families who lost loved ones on 9-11 feel about the President’s ridiculous comparison? Is it any wonder why Obama’s ratings are falling in the polls, he can get nothing right.

Sounding reflective as he heads into a bruising electoral season, President Barack Obama told POLITICO columnist Roger Simon that the Gulf disaster “echoes 9/11” because it will change the nation’s psyche for years to come.

“In the same way that our view of our vulnerabilities and our foreign policy was shaped profoundly by 9/11,” the president said in an Oval Office interview on Friday, “I think this disaster is going to shape how we think about the environment and energy for many years to come.”


What Gulf crisis, it’s a golf crisis

So in other words, Obama wants to take advantage of this oil spill accident to push his socialist, Marxist, liberal agenda. Far be it from this President to let a good crisis to go to waste when he can push his socialist agenda of “Cap & Trade”.


Barack Obama so thinks about the BP oil spill and the Gulf crisis all the time, he takes up every waking moment of his time, it is so important to President Obama that what important thing do he do yesterday … PLAYED GOLF!!!

Who advises this clown? Seriously, the LEFT for eight years made a cottage industry out of calling GWB a fool. As reported at The Hill, Obama played golf for 4 hours. Thank you Mr. President for being so engaged and on it. Do you think at some point you could show the American people you actually care, rather than just spewing words in a speech read off a teleprompter? Is it any wonder why Americans give Obama a failing grade in dealing with the BP oil crisis, first he compares it to 9-11 then goes golfing … President Obama, “Lost in Smallness”.

President Barack Obama spent four hours on the golf course Sunday in temperatures that peaked in the low 90s.

The White House pool reported that they left Andrews Air Force Base as it started to rain after 4 p.m.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was among the group golfing with Obama.

Americans really need to ask the question, not whether you were born in the United States, but what planet you are from as obviously you have no sense of reality.

Gee Barack Obama, except for the fact that September 11 was a preplanned and premeditated attack against the United States of America where 3000 innocent people lost their lives orchestrated by terrorists who wanted to destroy the American way of life … other than that sir, it is just like the BP oil spill. UNREAL.


No one expects this President to suck the oil up with a straw, they just don’t expect Obama to suck as a leader. Mayeb if you spent less time on a golf course you would have a better result in the Gulf coast.

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