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March 12, 2005


Posted in: Main

The Northeast has been hit by many snow storms this winter, especially since the beginning of March. So many areas are experiencing higher budgets than expected. Ever wonder how State budgets can be so high sometimes for snow removal and it seems the roads do not seem plowed? Maybe your town or State is getting a snow job too.

Gratta and an employee, Frank J. Eddy, were arraigned yesterday in Quincy District Court, where they pleaded not guilty to larceny, procurement fraud, and filing false claims with the state and were released by Judge Paul Buckley on their personal recognizance.

”We have reason to believe that this is not the only person who has done this” since MassHighway started using the global positioning system trackers last winter, he said. He would not elaborate.

It appears that “Gratta gave a tape-recorded confession to State Police detectives Wednesday, admitting to double-dipping on state time this winter and during the 2003-04 plowing season.” It makes one wonder how these tracking devices are not more permanently attached to the vehicles or at least installed in places that make it much more difficult to remove. Lets just hope that ankle bracelets on criminals do a better job.

Over at Wizbang, Jay Tea, has more on the Snow Job.

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