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March 12, 2005

DormAid : Its Capitalism stupid

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An enterprising student at Harvard came up with a business. Some students were sloppy, and would pay to have their room cleaned on a regular basis. Not a bad idea, here are some of the best and brightest youth of our country, our future business leaders, trying to use their natural talents.

But then the socialists at the Harvard Crimson come out in favor of a boycott of this students business. Not because of unfair labor practices, not because he is hiring illegal aliens (not that he is doing any of these things), but because the poorer students can not afford the service, and its not fair…

I have two sons, when I hear the phrase “It’s not fair”, I always reply “Is life fair?”.

They know to answer no.

Life is not fair. If life was fair there would not be a Harvard University. If life was fair, their would not be a Harvard Crimson, or else anyone who wanted to work on the paper would have the opportunity.

Life is a meritocracy. It is amazing how a hollywood actor will rail against the unfairness of the world, and yet whine about the wrong type of limosine picking them up.

Congratulations to the kids at Harvard working on the Crimson. They are brighter, they worked harder in High School, they made the correct choices to set themselves up for the opportunity to be in the postition they are in.


The guy who founded DormAid saw an opportunity, and he took the risk. That is America.

The guy who is having his room cleaned is employing someone. Providing an income for a fellow citizen. That is a good thing.

The girl down the hall that desperately would love to have her room cleaned, and can not afford it, has the opportunity to use it as a motivator. Those are the stories you read every day in Forbes and Fortune. That is the basis of Horatio Alger.

We are in America. America is a concept, not a place. And America is not fair. But once you get over that, America has more opportunities than anywhere else in the world. Cherish that and love it.

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