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March 12, 2005

Licensed To Kill, Part II

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In a follow up to the reported theft from a North Vegas, NV Motor Vehicle Department we find out the truth an some even more disturbing information.

Personal information from more than 8,900 people was stolen when thieves broke into a Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles office,

A computer taken during the break-in contained names, ages, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, photographs and signatures of southern Nevada residents …

The most distressing past of this story was the misinformation that was originally provided in this story. Originally the information was thought o be encrypted. however, this may not be the case.

But Lewis said Friday that Digimarc Corp., the Beaverton, Ore.,-based company that provides digital driver’s licenses in Nevada, told her Thursday the information was not encrypted, and was readily accessible.

We can only wonder for what truth would be learned for this was has been correctly.

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