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September 07, 2005

US Contractor Roy Hallmus Freed In Iraq

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This is fantastic news out of Iraq; Roy Hallmus has been freed!!! Please read My Pet Jawa for the news accounts and updates as Rusty has done yeoman’s work on efforts to keep Mr. Hallmus in the fore front of the publics eye and has worked directly with Roy’s family in doing whatever he could in support and pressure media and government outlets.


An American contractor who had been been held hostage in Iraq since November has been rescued from captivity, his ex-wife said Wednesday.

A Web site devoted to the hostage said “Roy IS FREE!!!!!! 9/7/05.” The U.S. military confirmed Hallums was rescued.

In an update listed on My Pet Jawa from Rusty:

Today is one of the happiest days of my life. I’m literally crying. As you may know, it was this website that first broke the story about Roy Hallums being hostage in Iraq. Since that time, we have worked with the Hallums family to keep Roy’s name in the headlines.

Part 1: Rusty’s interview with the Hallums family

Part 2: Rusty’s interview with the Hallums family


U.S. forces on Wednesday freed American contractor Roy Hallums, who was taken hostage last November, after a tip from a captured Iraqi, the U.S. military announced.

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