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May 29, 2010

Hillary Clinton Says Rich Not Paying Fair Share of Taxes

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More hypocrisy form the LEFT …

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that the rich in the United States are not paying enough taxes and the economy is suffering? What? Who knew that fact that the rich were not taxed enough was responsible for the US foreign policy under Obama. Then again, these people are every opportunity want you money. Not theirs … yours! So her answer is, “Let’s become Brazil?”

No Hillary, let’s not be like Brazil … Let’s be like America

The rich are not being taxed enough and the economy is suffering for it, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday.

The former first lady broached the subject during a national security discussion at the Brookings Institution. She lamented that the United States has lowered taxes on the wealthy and said nations around the world need to “increase their public revenue collections” to spur investment.

“The rich are not paying their fair share in any nation that is facing the kind of employment issues (the United States is), whether it’s individual, corporate, whatever the taxation forms are,” she said.

So Hillary, that’s what is wrong with our economy … the tax rate is not high enough? Are you insane! However, just curious … why is the Secretary of State who should be concerned with the crisis in North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and between the Jews and Palestinians commenting of social policy of taxes in the US?

That aside, the issue in the United States is not a revenue issue, it is an entitlement spending one. Even if there was a budget surplus, politicians would find a way to spend the money on useless give away programs.  Exactly how is the jobs and unemployment issue in the United States a revenue issue? The answer is, it is not. More revenue to the government would not create more jobs. In fact, less revenue to the government and more being kept by business, both large and small, would create jobs and in return create tax revenue to the government.

However, first let us debunk Hillary’s the rich do not pay enough and her complete and total hypocrisy. First of all, is she including herself and William Clinton as well in the category of the rich not paying enough taxes? Are you telling me that Hillary and Bill do not have financial planning tax shelters set up to shield their money away from the government, hmm? What would the Clinton family foundation be? Why do you think they never disclosed this? It’s not that they were taking monies from it, they didn’t want America to know they were sheltering tax revenue when in the same breathe they were screaming … the rich need to pay more.

The Ethics in Government Act requires members of Congress to disclose positions they hold with any outside entity, including nonprofit foundations. Hillary Clinton has served her family foundation as treasurer and secretary since it was established in December 2001, but none of her ethics reports since then have disclosed that fact.

The foundation has enabled the Clintons to write off more than $5 million from their taxable personal income since 2001, while dispensing $1.25 million in charitable contributions over that period.

So Hillary, before you point fingers … you might just want to look in the mirror. There is nothing wrong with creating a foundation; however, the purpose is to keep the government’s hands off your money. That same government that you say is entitled to more of the rich’s money.

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