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September 07, 2005

Remove All Remaining Residents; Won’t This Play Well On TV?

Posted in: Crime,Media,Natural Disaster,weather

According to the NY Times, the police in New Orleans vow to remove all the remaining residents. I can only imagine how this will play out and be covered by the MSM? For all of those people that complained that these people were not properly evacuated, we will hear the same people complaining that the residents are being forced from their homes.

As a handful of pumps toiled to drain the water out of a sprawling city today, the New Orleans police said they would force the 10,000 or so residents left in the city to leave and Louisiana officials warned of long-term damage to the area’s environment.

The police superintendent, P. Edwin Compass III, said police officers and other rescue workers going door to door would do all they could to remove every resident still in the city of nearly half a million, to protect them from lawlessness, get them to shelters and make sure children are fed.

It becomes rather apparent that either the remaining people generally fall into three categories:
1. Those that have not yet been rescued and have been trapped in their homes.
2. Those that are truly unaware of the massive wide spread damage around them and have no means of communication to understand.
3. Those that are of a lawless and criminal element that wish to only prey on and take advantage and exploit the disaster at hand.

However, The police superintendent, P. Edwin Compass made it pretty much clear what his intentions were.

“If that’s necessary, we have the manpower to do it,” Mr. Compass told CNN this afternoon about reports that they would force out people who insisted on staying in their water-logged neighborhoods. “We’ll do everything we can to keep this city safe. These people don’t understand they’re putting themselves in harm’s way.

“We’re trying to save them from themselves,” he said. “We’re going to get the residents evacuated and then we’re going to get all the criminals out of New Orleans. “

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