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September 04, 2005

Post Katrina; Beyond Comprehension

Posted in: Child Welfare,weather

There are some things in life that just fail to make any sense or comprehension. Some of the post hurricane actions in New Orleans just make me shake my head in wonderment. What were these people thinking? Michelle Malkin has an amazing post on THE LOST New-Orleans-Children-1CHILDREN OF KATRINA, please read.

In the rush to evacuate people from the storm-ravaged New Orleans area, at least two dozen children have been separated from their parents in Louisiana, according to the state social services department. Some children and parents also have been separated and sent to neighboring states in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and as the evacuation continues officials expect that number to grow larger, according to Marketa Garner Gautreau, an assistant secretary with the social services office. “As people have been pushed onto buses and jumped onto buses, they’ve gotten separated from their families,” Gautreau said.

I agree that it is difficult right now to discuss the politics and the blame game of Hurricane Katrina when such immediate actions of stupidity are going on. Let us focus on the issues at hand and help the victims of this disaster now. Especially the children, the most helpless of us all. I agree with Michelle, start forwarding these photos to the MSM so that they get them help instead of just covering the blame game aspect of this disaster.

Help the most defenseless of our population in this disaster, please help the children.

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