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May 21, 2010

Disgrace: Democrats Give Standing Ovation to Mexican President Calderon for Slamming the AZ Immigration Law

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Unbelieveable … We can now officially say that the Democrat Party is the party of “NO” Rule of law.

In the Democrats efforts to pander to the Latino community ahead of this years midterm elections, Democrats have disgraced themselves and their party forever. These people are so quick to apologize for America and blame all the evils on Republicans that they would stand and applaud the Mexican President in an effort to slam the Arizona immigration law while at the very same time they, the federal government has done nothing to enforce United States border control and illegal immigration.

“It is a law that not only ignores a reality that cannot be erased by decree but also introduces a terrible idea using racial profiling as the basis for law enforcement” (Breitbart TV)

As Hot Air states, Look carefully in the video and you’ll see Janet Napolitano (in the blue jacket) and Eric Holder (to her right) springing to their feet to pile on. I wonder if at this point either Napolitano or Holder have even read the law yet or are they just acting like the typical Obama lock step fools.

NRO is stating that Mexican President Calderon has crossed the line in his interference with United States immigration policy, which is very true.  But Calderon does so because he has a complicit US President in Obama and a Democrat party that does not believe in the rule of law or borders. However, what is most despicable is the Democrat Congress standing and cheering for a foreign President as he slams a US states law that is pretty much the same as the present federal law on enforcing immigration.

Since when has the US Congress acted like the United Nations and stood up and cheered when a foreign leader was slamming the US? Um, NEVER! However, that is not the case in Obamaland.

Not only do the Democrats fail to figuratively stand up for America, but they literally stand up for and applaud those who seek to condemn it. Worse, it is condemnation from the foreign leader whose own country is a primary source of our illegal immigration issues.

President Obama and the Democrats in Congress are the most out of touch government in the history of the United States. On every major issue, WE THE PEOPLE disagree with their position. Now the issue at hand is immigration, illegal immigration that is. We can look forward to being called racists once again because of simply believing in the rule of law.

How out of touch are Democrats? 71% of Arizona voters and 55% of Americans now support the Arizona immigration law. 71%!!! The number keeps going up the more the truth comes out of what the law actually says.

Arizona voters now support the state’s new immigration law more than ever and are still more inclined to think the law will be good for the state’s economy rather than bad. A lot of voters in the state are thinking it’s payback time, too, to those cities or states that boycott Arizona.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Arizona finds that 71% now favor the immigration law, while 24% oppose it.

Think immigration is not going to be an issue in the 2010 and 2012 elections? Thing again and the American people are livid.

EXIT QUESTION: President Calderon, if America is such an evil place, why do your people want to come here illegally? What does that make Mexico?

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