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May 16, 2010

2010 FL US Senate: Opportunist Independent Charlie Crist Heckled at HQ Opening for Receiving GOP Money … ” I am going to Keep it”

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Be careful of Independents in wolf’s clothing and those who call them self Independents out of desperation and opportunity, not because of principle.  Crist says, this is the People’s campaign. Maybe Crist should have winked after that line as well.

Once Republican candidate, now a so-called independent man of the people running the “People’s race” … Charlie Crist opened his HQ for his run at the Florida US Senate seat as an independent to the heckling of money he received as a Republican.

Go to 3:10 for the money comment

Crist was asked what he is going to do with monies received when he was a Republican.

What about the guys who gave you money when you were a Republican?!”

“I’m going to keep it!” Crist cheerfully responded, drawing roars of approval.Check out his wink right after.


The Independent man Obama hug

It is exactly this type of smugness that will be Crist’s undoing. Crist will no longer be the recipient of that money, nor on election day will be be the recipient of the Democrat vote that presently props up his so-called third party Independent run for US Senate.

As Hot Air states …check out the grin as Crist scoffs at a broken campaign promise.

Yes, by all means check out the wink and the cheese-eating grin Crist delivers afterward. It’s not often that a politician treats a broken campaign promise as a positive — but what else can Crist do? He can’t afford to give the money back, since he’s not likely to find a lot of replacement donors outside of Democrats looking to undermine Marco Rubio.


More Obama embraces … Republican, eh?

Let this be a lesson to what candidate Crist is all about and how he would act as a Senator. It’s not your money, it’s his and he will keep it to do what ever he feels like.

Can any one really trust Crist to be a Senator? In the present day climate where so many voters have an unfavorable outlook on politicians and a complete and total lack of trust … Crist is providing first had accounts why he should not be trusted. Like stating on National TV that he would run as a Republican for Senate.

“I’m running as a Republican,” Crist said when asked if he might switch out of the primary due to his trailing poll numbers against Rubio.

Pressed again several times, Crist told Fox moderator Chris Wallace. “Chris, I, I’m running as a Republican. I’m running for the U.S. Senate.”

We only need to look at the hypocrisy and revisionist history of Charlie Crist in his campaign HQ opening. Suddenly he is liberated. Does any one really think that Crist would have switched to an independent if he were leading in the polls against Rubio for the Republican primary?

It is liberating to be an independent, I gotta tell you. It feels great.

I am sure the many Republican voters who might take exception with such comments after they supported Crist for years.

This is the People’s campaign and the purpose of this campaign is to give the voice that they deserve.

Get this from the lips of Charlie Crist. Dear Gov. Crist, does going back and forth also mean being a Republican and then shifting to an Independent only when it becomes obvious that you can’t win a nomination? Hmm?

Doing what’s right is supposed to be what this is all about. That’s what public service is supposed to be all about.  That’s what people are thirsting and hungry for right now.  We see these people in Washington going back and forth and they argue all day long …”

Actually Charlie, like a typical self serving, incumbent, trying to cling to the political rail career you got it wrong. We the People are hungry for individuals with convictions and principles … not people who change parties or become independents to save their political careers. Make no mistake about it … this is not about the People of Florida … it’s about Charlie Crist

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