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May 06, 2010

Who Knew it Was Disrespectful to Wear American Flag Clothing on Any Day in the USA … Four Students Kicked Off Campus for Wearing USA Flag Clothing on Cinco de Mayo

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Four students in a San Francisco area school, need we say any more,  were sent home from Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill yesterday for wearing American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo. Oh the horror. What, you mean they were not expelled for this horrendous behavior? Maybe even flogged or beaten with a cane?



Meet the 4 hardened criminals guilty of wearing American Patriotic clothes in America


I hate to break it to any one of Mexican descent who live in America … but you live in the United States of America. It is not disrespectful to actually where the flag of the country where the high school is actually located. I also hate to break it to those celebrating Cinco de Mayo … but it is not MEXICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! September 16 That takes place on , just a history lesson for those attending Live Oaks High School.

So the school arbitrarily made a rule that these students could not wear clothing with American flags on it on any other day, other than Cinco de Mayo. Really? I wonder where that is written in the school bylaws.

So let’s get this straight, individuals who live and are citizens of the United States of America had their Constitutional Rights taken away from them by misguided school administration idiots who thought wearing cloths with a US flag on them were “incendiary”? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!

“They said we could wear it on any other day,” Daniel Galli said, “but today is sensitive to Mexican-Americans because it’s supposed to be their holiday so we were not allowed to wear it today.”

The boys said the administrators called their T-shirts “incendiary” that would lead to fights on campus.

“They said if we tried to go back to class with our shirts not taken off, they said it was defiance and we would get suspended,” Dominic Maciel, Galli’s friend, said.

The boys really had no choice, and went home to avoid suspension. They say they’re angry they were not allowed to express their American pride. Their parents are just as upset, calling what happened to their children, “total nonsense.”

Get this, the Live Oaks High School are called the Acorns, how fitting as they are NUTS!!!

Who knew we would get to use this ACORN video again, it’s still fitting

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for people celebrating their culture, even if they are doing so in a foreign country. Mexican-Americans are perfectly in their right to wear what ever they want on Cinco de Mayo or any other day of the year for that fact. What you do not have the right to do is tell other what they can or cannot wear. UNLIKE MEXICO … ALL LEGAL CITIZENS HAVE RIGHTS IN THE UNITED STATES. Apologize for wearing patriotic clothes? You are lucky they do not sue you.  That planet are you people from? BTW, Mexico is not a planet, it is a country.

But to many Mexican-American students at Live Oak, this was a big deal. They say they were offended by the five boys and others for wearing American colors on a Mexican holiday.

“I think they should apologize cause it is a Mexican Heritage Day,” Annicia Nunez, a Live Oak High student, said. “We don’t deserve to be get disrespected like that. We wouldn’t do that on Fourth of July.”

As for an apology, the boys and their families say, ‘fat chance.’

Honestly, do you every wonder why there is a backlash against this type of nonsense? Every wonder why a majority of Americans are in favor of the new anti-illegal immigration law in Arizona? By a 50% to 25%, Americans have an unfavorably opinion of immigration rights protesters.

Be very, very careful folks. Americans have a real issue when you tell them that they cannot embrace their flag in their own country. If those of Mexican decent only want to waive their Mexican flag while in the USA, be careful of what you ask for.

So let’s understand this ridiculous mindset. Is it “incendiary” if American flag clothing is worn on St. Patty’s Day? How about Columbus Day? Better yet, if I was going to school in Mexico, Germany, France or where ever and it was the 4th of July and I wore US flag on my clothes, would I have the right to tell people of those countries that they could not wear any clothing that depicted their national flag on that day. It’s not a trick question, the answer would be no.

I word of wisdom to the Mexican/Mexican-Americans that whined and complained that they were being dissed by four boys wearing US flag clothes on Cinco de Mayo … GROW UP! If you do not want to be discriminated against while in America … maybe you should look in the mirror and not do the same. Like it or not, Old Glory is the flag of the United States of America. Many brave individuals, including people of Mexican descent have fought and died and continue to die for it.

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