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April 26, 2010

Obama’s Misguided Hypocrisy: Proof of Health Insurance But Not Citizenship

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Misguided, eh President Barack Obama?

The other day President Barack Hussein Obama claimed that Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer was “misguided” for signing into law the toughest illegal immigration law in the United States. Misguided and irresponsible? How could it possibly be considered misguided to protect the border and the citizens of Arizona by following the rule of law? Last time I checked it was “illegal” for some one to be in the United States if they did not follow the proper immigration process.

It is Obama that has made it necessary for the IRS to contact American citizens and state … show me your insurance papers.

So let’s get this straight … Obama thinks it is misguided to make it mandatory to ask individuals for proof of citizenship, but the Obamamessiah thinks that it is perfectly fine to make Americans show proof of insurance or be fined and potentially worse by the IRS.

AMERICA … which one do you think is unconstitutional and attacks American citizens rights?

Misguided? One might actually find the President’s comments rather comical, ironic and then those with conspiracy theories find it fitting that Barack Obama be complaining that “proof of citizenship” be an issue. Don’t Americans have to carry their passports at all times when traveling abroad? I have worked in foreign countries and had to show my work papers and renew them or face a one way plane ticket back home.

Misguided? One might call it misguided, irresponsible and criminal for what Obama and Democrats did with the health care reform by claiming it would lower costs only to find out once it passed that Obamacare would do just the opposite and raise health care costs.

In the end, WE THE PEOPLE will deem what is and what is not misguided and irresponsible this November during the midterm elections and again in 2012. As it presently stands 70% of Arizona voters support the new tough immigration laws.  The American voters trust Republicans more than they do Democrats on the issue of immigration.

Once again Barack Hussein Obama and Democrats find themselves on the wrong side of the issue, an all too common occurrence these days with the people. Is it any wonder why now even the NY Times is discussing the carnage that is going to take place this November and Democrats are swept out of office.

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