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April 17, 2010

Nevada US Senate Race: Democrat Harry Reid Continues Dismal Poll Results … Reid Loses Full Ballot Test

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It is a sign of things to come this November for Democrat Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, the US Senator from Nevada. According to a new poll by the Las Vegas Review Journal, incumbent Harry Reid loses to Republican challenger Sue Lowden if the election were held today 47% to 37%. Sue Lowden is the odds on favorite to win the Republican Senate primary.


The survey of Nevada voters commissioned by the Review-Journal shows Reid getting 37 percent of the vote compared with 47 percent for Republican Sue Lowden, who would win if the election were today, while the slate of third-party and nonpartisan candidates would get slim to no backing.

The latest Mason-Dixon poll for the first time measured Reid’s and Lowden’s support in a full general election test instead of in a head-to-head or three-way matchup to see how much of the vote the record number of Senate candidates on the Nov. 2 ballot would siphon off from the Democratic incumbent and the top GOP challenger, pollster Brad Coker said.

“The bottom line is that adding all these minor candidates won’t really bleed support away exclusively from the Republican,” Coker said. “They’re not really bleeding much support from either candidate, Reid or Lowden, and if they do siphon off votes, it’ll probably be about half and half.”

Reid’s people had stated in the past that Harry Reid would win a general election because splinter candidates would pull off enough votes for him to back into victory. That strategy appears to be out the window as the most recent poll shows that a majority of Nevada voters do not even know the names of the other candidates and would not vote for them.

According to the poll, the four nonpartisan candidates wouldn’t pick up any measurable vote. Tim Fasano of the Independent American Party and “none of these candidates” would each get 3 percent, Scott Ashjian of the Tea Party of Nevada would get 2 percent, and 8 percent of voters are undecided.

Eight or nine out of 10 voters don’t even know the names of the four nonpartisan contenders, according to the survey, which also found less than half of Nevadans recognized Fasano and Ashjian, a former Republican who isn’t supported by local and national members of the Tea Party movement.

Harry Reid has trailed all Republican challengers in the polls and even with Vegas odds is huge long shot to hold on to his US Senate seat.  What a feather it will be in the Republicans cap by knocking of the Democrat Majority leader Harry Reid and the man behind so many of the back room, dirty deals that made it possible for Obamacare to pass.

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