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April 17, 2010

Senator Fom MASS Scott Brown Calls Obama’s Comments Sad

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Obama, One Sad President …

It would appear that Scott Brown, the newly elected Senator from Massachusetts is none to impressed with President Barack Hussein Obama’s comments regarding Tea Party members. It is sad that a President who certainly had no problem criticizing President George W. Bush, his policies, the war in Iraq and the surge seems to have an issue going after “We the People” who protest his own policies.

It is too bad that Obama can not act in a respectful manner toward people who are merely expressing them self in a respectful manner. It is a sad day when a President mocks the people for expressing them self and feels that he should be thanked. Some one might want to remind Obama that this is still the Unites States of America and the people want to keep it that way.

The Senate’s newest Republican called it “sad” that Barack Obama told a laughing crowd of Democratic donors on Tax Day that he was amused by the antics of Tea Partiers, who the president said should be thanking him for cutting their taxes instead of protesting against his policies.

“I find it sad that the president gets personal with these groups who are just expressing themselves in a respectful manner,” Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown said Friday morning in Washington to a conference of Republican lawyers. “That’s the way our country operates.”

Obama, speaking to about 1,000 Democratic donors in Miami Thursday night, said he’s been “amused a little over the past couple of days where people have been having these rallies about taxes,” adding, “You would think they would be saying, ‘Thank you.’ That’s what you’d think.”

It’s pretty sad when a President of the United States feels the need to be thanked for taxing people and irresponsibly spending the People’s money.

The Gateway Pundit shows us what a real political athlete looks like.

Scott Brown makes an important point and one that should put the fear of Gad into Democrats and Barack Obama. The MSM likes to drive wedges between people and start trouble where there is none, like in the case of Scott Brown, the Tea Party, his election and why he was not at the Boston Tea Party rally on April 14.

When asked about his general views on Tea Partiers, Brown — whose election in January has been hailed a sign of the power of the conservative grassroots activists — rejected the premise that the protesters concerned with runaway government spending should be solely credited with putting a Republican in the Massachusetts Senate seat for the first time in decades.

“Did the Tea Party movement help me? Sure they did. So did 1.1 million other people in my state and so did others across the country,” Brown said.

He added: “So to have one particular party take credit — I’m appreciative. But I had a big tent in my election.”

Brown did have a “BIG TENT” and it was Tea Party folks, Republicans, Independents and Democrats who voted for Brown. How else could a republican win in a Blue state like Massachusetts and win Kennedy’s old Senate seat?

This is where Democrats and Obama have an issue in elections to come. They want to believe that Republicans and the Tea Party peaked too soon. Not even close. Now every state and district wants to have their own Scott Brown election in 2010 & 2012 and there after.

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