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August 20, 2005

Texas EquuSearch Innocent on All Allegations

Posted in: Natalee Holloway

AT friday19-08-2005

From Aruba Today, Friday August 19, 2005 The following two front page articles pretty much tell a different story than the original allegations. Pretty amazing what news one can print when they both to get the facts and both sides of the story.

‘Turtle Nest Disruption Not caused by TES’

“Huston also claims they never came near the site of the nest. The spot wjere they searched was not on a beach or close to the water, as turtle nests usually are.”

‘Allegations on EquuSearch Unfounded’

“The allegations on Texas Equusearch (TES) that they started a fire on August 11 on the landfill Parkietenbos are false.”

It appears that according to Falconi that the landfill witness is a smoker and may have started it but he “isn’t sure and doesn’t want to make ungrounded accusations.”

Also more on the painting that was given to Beth Holloway Twitty in ‘A Gift from the Heart from Aruba to Alabama’.

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