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April 06, 2010

OBAMACARE: IRS SAYS … Buy Health Insurance or Else Lose Your Tax Refund

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The IRS Cometh … Buy your Obamacare health insurance or else. For those Obama Kool-aid drinkers who stated that the IRS would not be the enforcer of Obamacare and that it was not in the bill … this one is for you.


But of course this is not a threat, Obama and the IRS would never think of such a thing, would they. An unconstitutional law now has the IRS as its watch dog. When will America put an end to this over-reaching, unconstitutional government that we presently have in place?

Individuals who don’t purchase health insurance may lose their tax refunds according to IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman. After acknowledging the recently passed health-care bill limits the agency’s options for enforcing the individual mandate, Shulman told reporters that the most likely way to penalize individuals that don’t comply is by reducing or confiscating their tax refunds.

Speaking at the National Press Club on Monday, Shulman downplayed the IRS’s role in enforcing the recent overhaul of the health insurance industry by claiming the agency would not aggressively target individuals who don’t purchase coverage. He noted that the health-care bill expressly forbids the agency from freezing bank accounts, seizing assets or pursuing criminal charges, but when pressed said the IRS would most likely use tax refund offsets to penalize those that don’t comply with the mandate. The IRS uses refund offsets to collect from individuals that owe the federal government a delinquent debt.

Welcome to the wonderful world of political Democrat Obama, Pelosi, Reid extortion with the IRS as their enforcer. As stated, imagine being extorted and coerced with your own tax dollars.

In other words, the IRS is counting on the vast majority of Americans to comply with an unconstitutional overreaching of authority by Congress. Otherwise, there goes your tax refund. It’s (unconstitutionally) legalized extortion.

The government-run health care legislation provides for the hiring of 16,000 new IRS bureaucrats, so you’re being unconstitutionally extorted through the use of your own money. It’s the ultimate insult.

This is what those in the Tea Party movement fight for, your rights as a US citizen and upholding the Constitution. That is why a more people side with the Tea Party than they do the policies of Barack Hussein Obama.  No wonder the LEFT wants to smear them.

For those in the state run media that claim that the IRS has few punitive ways to enforce health care law, spare us the dribble. Because withholding folks money is not punitive enough during these hard times? Like the people of the United States getting a letter from the IRS is enough to cause heart palpitations.  What happens when there is no $’s to offset and there is a balance to pay? Do you not think that the IRS will not put a lien on your home?

How much more can we expect from this over-reaching Obama Administration? Next, they will make it mandatory that you buy GM cars or face the wrath of the IRS.

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