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April 01, 2010

Gallup Has Republicans Moving Ahead in Midterm Congressional Elections

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More bad polling data for Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats as they continue to be in denial.

This time it is the Gallup Poll that is reporting that registered voters state they prefer Republican to the Democratic candidates in their district by 47% to 44% in this upcoming the midterm congressional election.

These results suggest the Republicans would have a strong showing if the midterm elections were held today. Since Republicans usually vote at higher rates than Democrats, the Republicans’ edge in voter preferences would likely exceed what the registered voter results indicate.

A Republican advantage among all registered voters in midterm elections has been rare in Gallup’s 60-year history of tracking congressional voting preferences, happening only a few times each in the 1950, 1994, and 2002 election cycles — all years in which Republicans had strong Election Day showings.

Democrats continue to tout that their pushing of health care reform against the will of the American people will benefit them in the upcoming midterm elections. Really? President Obama has even challenged Republicans to run on repealing Obamacare by challenging them to “Bring It On”. Don’t ask for things they might come true.  From the looks of this post-Obamacare poll it looks like “it has already been broughten”.  Every sign and indicator shows that a majority of the American people dislike what they Democrats are doing in Washington, yet the Donkey party continues to defy the people.

Even more troubling and what could conclude in landslide and sweeping election wins for Republicans this Fall in not only federal House and Senate races, but governor and State House elections as well is the tremendous advantage that Republicans have with the “Enthusiastic” factor. By a margin of  50% to 35%, Republicans are more energized than Democrats.

The Rasmussen Reports has Republicans ahead of Democrats in the Generic Congressional Ballot, 46% to 39%.

Pundits have asked whether the fever pitch of Republicans and Tea Party members could be sustained until the midterms. Personally, I see it getting even higher seeing that the Obama Administration is going to look and further poke at the “We the People” hornets nest and look to pass “Cap & Tax” and Illegal Immigration Amnesty against the will of the people.

See you in November … Democrats and some Republicans alike are going to learn a lesson in who works for who. Democrats like to talk about the historic Obamacare bill, wait until they see the historic loss of seats in an election, the likes that has never been seen.

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