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March 31, 2010

Illegal Immigrants Do the Jobs Americans Don’t Want to Like Killing Arizona Rancher Robert Krentz

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Once again we see that illegal aliens are coming to America to do the jobs that Americans don’t want to do … like murdering innocent ranchers. 59 year-old Rob Krentz, a long time rancher,  was gunned downed and murdered.

How many people must die? How many illegals must come across the border illegally before this country takes this issue seriously?

Tucson and Southern Arizona news from KVOA.com

The brutal death of 59-year-old Rob Krentz, a long time rancher, is leaving the ranching community in shock and very upset.

The Cochise County Sheriffs office, friends and family did everything they could to find Rob Saturday.

“We launched our search and rescue team and their were a lot of people looking for Robert,” said Sheriff Larry Dever.

But it was too late, and now Krentz’s neighbors and friends say they want answers.

“We lost a dear friend we lost a dear neighbor but even more tragically than that, I believe our country has lost today. It’s one life,” said Tammy Smith.

Local ranchers say they had a feeling something like this would eventually happen. So now they are asking for a change when it comes to ranchers safety.

More from The Westerner:

Cochise County rancher Rob Krentz was shot and killed on his ranch some time Saturday, presumably by a drug smuggler. The death, which is being investigated as a homicide, occurred in the San Bernardino Valley, part of the Malpais region. The event has rocked the towns of Douglas and Portal, and the ranches in between, both of which have been under siege by cross-border smugglers for years.

Just in case there were any doubts who killed Robert Krentz. According to the Arizona Republic, foot prints lead back into Mexico.

Krentz apparently came upon one person when he was shot and his dog was wounded, detectives said.

While Krentz was still in his vehicle, mortally wounded, he managed to drive the ATV away from the scene at a high rate of speed before becoming unconscious, investigators said.

Foot tracks were identified and followed approximately 20 miles south to the Mexico border by sheriff’s deputies, U.S. Border Patrol trackers and Department of Corrections dog chase teams, authorities said.

I can’t wait for President Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats to come back from their Easter recess and push amnesty for illegals.

Out of curiosity, exactly how are we protecting our southern borders for Homeland Security? This is a travesty and a dereliction of our federal government in not protecting “We the People”.

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