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March 28, 2010

Sarah Palin Calls Out at Media “Bunk” at Searchlight Tea Party Rally

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The Tea Party Express started their latest “Tea Party” bus tour in Searchlight, NV the home town of embattled Democrat Senate Majority leader Harry Reid. It will end on April 15 (Tax Day) in Washington, DC.

Keynote speaker Sarah Palin fired back at the liberal MSM for their portrayal and lies about the links between the Tea Party and calls for violence. In fiery Palin fashion, Sarah Palin called out the coverage of the MSM to be “fair and balanced”.

Firing back at critics who say that she and other conservatives had encouraged harassment of House Democrats who supported the health care overhaul, Sarah Palin Saturday ripped the media for casting her and tea party activists as violent.

“When we talk about fighting for our country, let’s clear the air right now about what it is that we’re talking about,” she told a crowd estimated by organizers at 20,000 gathered for a rally in a windswept desert lot about four miles north of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s tiny hometown. “We’re not inciting violence. Don’t get sucked into the lame-stream media lies.”

Palin, though, told Saturday’s crowd that “when I talk about it’s not a time to retreat, it’s a time to reload,” she was “trying to inspire people to get involved in their local elections and these upcoming federal elections. And telling people that their arms are their votes is not inciting violence.”

Palin also stated the following via the Gateway Pundit:

“Now when we talk about “fighting” for our country. Let’s clear the air right now on what it is we’re talking about. We’re not inciting violence. Don’t get sucked into the lamestream media’s lies about conservative America’s standing up for freedom as inciting violence. It’s a bunch of bunk what the media is trying to feed you.”

How does any think the MSM will fairly report the actions of the Tea Party when they can’t even report the attendance numbers accurately? As reported at NewsBusters, ‘CNN lowballs the Nevada Tea Party Event: ‘Hundreds of People, at Least Dozens of People‘.

The Gateway Pundit provides some video proof of CNN’s so called hundreds in attendance.


More pics seen HERE

The AP reported that about 7,000 people streamed into tiny Searchlight, a former mining town 60 miles south of Las Vegas.

Many great pics from the Tea Party event at The Other McCain. Some are must see so that the MSM can differentiate between real Tea Party members and tea baggers.

Democrat Senate Majority leader Harry Reid might have chosen his sarcastic comments a little bit better when it came to the Tea Party folk who came to Searchlight, Nevada.

“I’m happy so many people came to see my home town of Searchlight and spend their out-of-state money, especially in these tough economic times,” Reid said. “This election will be decided by Nevadans, not people from other states who parachuted in for one day to have a tea party.”

Funny that you should mention that Harry. You might want to look at the polls that are of the Nevada voters who will be casting votes this November. Those people that don’t have parachutes want nothing to do with you.  Reid finds himself behind in the polls to GOP challengers Lowden and Tarkanian by 12% points with each GOP challenger garnering 50% of the vote. Senator Reid, you have an 8% favorability rating.

Harry Reid, YOU ARE TOAST!

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