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March 11, 2005

Writing a book, it used to be a private thing

Posted in: Main,Technology

The image of an author, writing in solitude as he crafts his next book, is one that may fade into the past. Robert Scoble is writing his new book on corporate blogging in true blogger style. Through his weblog.

Everything that he and his partner, Shel Israel, are writing is on the weblog. Most of the conversations and interviews are also made available. This is a brave and noble venture, in my humble opinion.

Here is a brief description of the guys:

You might want to check out where we came from. We’ll be moving things in here today and setting up the furniture and all that. Making this new place a home. The two authors are Shel Israel (he has done a bunch of stuff with a bunch of Silicon Valley startups) and Robert Scoble (he is an evangelist at Microsoft). Our old Red Couch site is on MSN Spaces. Great place to blog, but couldn’t handle multiple authors, which this site needs.

Most of the vistitors to this site are political bloggers, but there is another who world of technical and business bloggers that are out there also. These folks watch there niches as carefully as most of us watch politics.

Robert’s and Shel’s book is aiming to teach the corporate world how to blog. So if you are thinking about being the corporate blogger for your company, or just want to post about what is happenning at the workplace, here is a great site to visit.

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