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March 27, 2010

Jarred Harrell Charged with Murder in the Death of 7 Year Old Somer Thompson

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24 year old Jarred Mitchel Harrell has been charged with murder in the case of the death of 7 year old Somer Thompson. Somer Thompson went missing on October 19, 2009 as she was walking home from school. Sadly her body was  discovered two days later in a Georgia landfill about 50 miles from Orange Park, FL


Jared Harrell, the “MONSTER” who killed Somer Thompson

Diena Thompson called Harrell a “monster” during an afternoon news conference.

Clay County Sheriff Rick Beseler said detectives used DNA evidence, witnesses and statements from Harrell himself to solve the case.

“Our collective resolve to bring Somer’s killer to justice is the only light in the darkness caused by this tragedy,” Beseler said as about 50 members of “Team Somer” — the sheriff’s office investigators and staff who worked the case — stood by.

Diena Thompson called Harrell a monster; however, we think that this might do a disservice to monsters. Harrell is worse that a monster. He is the biggest POS that exists on this earth. A man that would abduct, rape and murder a 7 year old child does not deserve to be breathing or have a heart pulse. If convicted of the premeditated murder charge in the death of Somer Thompson, Harrell could face the death penalty. It could not happen soon enough.

The heart breaking video of a devastated mom … WE GOT YOU AND YOU AIN’T GETTING AWAY!

Jarred Harrell has been held at the Clay County Jail since his arrest in  February 11, 2010. Law enforcement arrested this dirt bag in Mississippi on child pornography charges in Florida.

Harrell was charged with 29 counts of possessing child pornography in Florida, then charged with a dozen additional counts of child porn and child molestation.

At the time of his February arrest, Harrell’s aunt said she didn’t think her nephew was capable of violence.



Harrell moved to his aunt’s home in Meridian, MS a few weeks earlier prior to the arrest. He was then extradited to Florida.  Of course his relatives don’t believe he is capable of violence, but I guess they don’t believe in DNA evidence.

At the time of Somer Thompson’s disappearance, Jared Harrell was living at his parents’ Jacksonville home, near the elementary school and house where Somer attended and lived.

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