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March 26, 2010

Change We Can Believe In … Majority of American Voters (54%-44%) State that Barack Obama Will Be a One Term President

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The One will be soon one and done …

A new CNN poll out shows that not only is President Barack Hussein Obama tied with every and any Republican running for the White House in 2012, it also shows that a majority of American voters believe that The One will be a one term President. There is some real change that America can believe in.A resounding 54% said that Obama would lose in 2012 while only 44% stated he would be one and done. Would not that be considered a mandate Mr. President?


A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Thursday indicates that if the 2012 presidential election were held today, 47 percent of registered voters would back Obama, with an equal amount supporting an unnamed Republican challenger. Fifty-four percent of people questioned say Obama will lose if he runs for re-election in 2012, with 44 percent saying the president would win a second term.

“That may sound like a bad position to start from, but note that Bill Clinton was down 15 points to an unnamed Republican in March of 1994, and wound up winning the election two years later,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

Full CNN Poll results can be seen HERE.

A note to CNN Polling Director Keating Holland and his misinformation and incorrect comparisons to make excuses for President Obama.  Barack Obama is no Bill Clinton. When faced with an unpopular health care bill of, by and for the people … Bill Clinton did not ram Hillary Healthcare down the throats of an unwanting public. Bill Clinton triangulated and worked with Republicans to pass other legislation. That is what brought Clinton back from the brink.

President Barack Hussein Obama is the most liberal, socialist President that America has had the misfortune of ever electing. He is the most partisan President in history and his poll numbers reflect his job performance and liberal agenda. That displeasure of the American people will play out this November in the midterm elections. Barack Hussein Obama may not be up for election, but make no mistake it will be a referendum on you!

The LA Times points out that during the midterm elections the White House party historically loses an average of 16 House seats. 16? Hardly. Make no mistake about it, Democrat will lose in historic proportions come this November. It will be epic and it will be resounding. The House will fall back into control of the Republicans and depending on races in California, Wisconsin and Illinois … Republicans might just win back the Senate.

Come 2012 Barack Obama will be voted out of office. We can only hope that the damage has not already been done.

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