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March 22, 2010

US Rep Bart Stupak (D-MI) “I Voted For The Unborn Before I Voted Against Them”

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US REP Bart Stupak voted for the unborn before he sold his soul to the devil and voted against them.

Simply incredible … After the so-called right to life Democrat US Rep Bart Stupak defended the rights of the unborn up until he made a deal to sell his soul, Stupak then slams Republicans for introducing his own “Stupak” amendment.

This is the disgusting and shameless manner that Stupak conducted himself. He then went even further and slammed the Republicans and his fellow Democrats who voted for the “Stupak” amendment in the final House bill.

Pro-abortion Dem Rep Bart Stupak via the Gateway Pundit:

“Thank you. The motion to recommit purports to be a right to life motion in the spirit of the Stupak Amendment. But as the author of the Stupak Amendment, this motion is nothing more than an opportunity to continue to deny 32 million Americans health care. The motion… The motion is really a last ditch effort of 98 years of denying Americans health care. It is the democrats who have stood up for the principle of no funding for abortion. It is the democrats through the president’s executive order that ensures the sanctity of life is protected.”

For Stupak, Obama’s Presidency was more important than the lives of the unborn that he claimed to care about.

So what was completely unacceptable 12 hours earlier by Stupak is suddenly not. What a principled man of character you are not Bart Stupak. I have more respect for those that openly admit they are pro-choice, than some one who hides behind a lie. You are a disgrace.

In the face of the American people who overwhelmingly did not support Obamacare, you helped pass it any how. Your treachery will cost the Democrat Party dearly in 2010, 2012 and thereafter.

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