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March 21, 2010

Has Pro-Life Democrat Rep Bart Stupak Sold Out and Copped a Deal? (UPDATE: Stupak Caves & Makes a Deal)

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US Representative Bart Stupak from Michigan is set to have a news conference at 4 PM ET. Will he say that he is voting no on Obamacare or will he as the Gateway Pundit is reporting say he is a pro-life Democrat that support pro-abortion Obamacare?

It has been reported all day that Stupak was close to a deal with the White House.

Stupak said “there were eight of us” in the negotiating room, all of them no votes.

Stupak said Saturday that there were “at least six” of his original dozen that were going to oppose the health bill. He said that he was “going to think about” what would need to be included in an executive order to convince him that no federal dollars would go toward funding abortion. Further, Stupak said that he had not talked to the White House about such an executive order.

Remember when Stupak said the above?

Please, an Executive Order is not law and can be undone at any time.  If Stupak does change due to a deal like this, come this November the following is true … no Democrat can be trusted in anything that they say. As The Other McCain states, Stupak is whoring his vote.

UPDATE I: Waiting for the Presser … A deal has been struck. I guess in the minds of Pro-Life Democrats you can be a little bit pregnant. UNREAL.

UPDATE II: COWARD Stupak stabs the unborn and the sanctity of life by making deal with the White House. Congressman Stupak, how does it feel to sell your soul?

According to Stupak, President Barack Obama has agreed to sign an executive order so that no federal monies will go to the funding of abortions with Obamacare. Just a note to all Americans, this means two things. One, you trust Obama to follow through on his words. Two, any thing that a President accepts in executive order can be taken away by executive order as well.

So why would Obama agree to sign an executive order and not agree to have it put into the Obamacare bill instead, Hmm?

Stupak, you are a Judas to the unborn.  Obviously the pressure on Stupak from the Obama administration meant more than his principles to the sanctity of life.

We are supposed to take the word of a President who is the most pro-abortion President that the United States has ever seen?

UPDATE II: Question, why would Obama need to sign an executive order that there be no tax payer $’s doing to abortion, if the Obamacare did not contain such language? I thought Obama and his minions were adamant that there was nothing? So did Obama lie again?

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