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July 31, 2005

Sunday; Not a Day of Rest for EquuSearch

Posted in: Natalee Holloway

The morning has been a full one since the crack of dawn. I have already been to the landfill and back. The search and rescue dog teams were at the landfill this morning checking pre-dug sites from the day before. So far there have been no hits of interest. The will also be going to the dunes to check out some places of interest as well.

I will be heading to the landfill as well to help in the search later today. The are presently doing some excavating of the size of an area of two football fields. The search & rescue dogs will then be brought back in. There will be pictures later to get a complete understanding of the magnitude of the search. Technically we are not supposed to take pictures, however … Yesterday alone the two equipment operators moved tons and tons of earth and debris in efforts to search for Natalee. Most all of the material then has to be closer checked with rakes and shovels and sometimes by hand.

Later today I will also have some interesting things to talk about. Will report on it as the events either as they take place or a little thereafter.

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