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March 07, 2010

SNL Rips Reid, Pelosi, Obama & Unpopular Obamacare Bill … “really, really unpopular, angry mob unpopular”

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Saturday Night Live once again rips President Obama and the Democrats as their health care reform skit last night went after the Obamasessiah, Pelosi and Reid regarding the failed and disastrous piece of legislation known as Obamacare.

When Democrats and Obama have to worry about skits from SNL making fun of their policies, they are in deep trouble.

Obama: Polls may show that the health care reform bill currently before Congress to be surprisingly unpopular.
Pelosi: They really don’t like it.
Reid: I thought it would be much more popular
Pelosi: I was stunned

The skit would later go on top have Barack Obama state the following:

“It’s a good bill that we perhaps have properly failed to explain. Speaker Pelosi and Majority leaderĀ  Reid have assured me that unpopular as the bill may be, in the days ahead this bill will be passed by the House and the Senate and will be sent to my desk for signature.

SNL Health Care
by hotairpundit

What is the key to sarcasm … the truth:

Finally after decades of effort we will have real health care reform, even though as I have said it may not be popular, or viewed favorably by Americans, or what the people wanted us to do.

Health care is “angry mob” unpopular in Nevada…

Obama: “Now Senator Reid I’ll admit is in a different situation, he’s up for re-election this fall where health care is especially unpopular. I’m not sure why but it is, really, really unpopular, angry mob unpopular. Lets be frank, Harry Reid could lose this November but let me make something clear, I don’t think he will or at least it won’t be because this unpopular bill.

Health care could poll at 100% and Harry Reid would still have problems, I think even Harry would agree he is not the most intelligenic or charismatic guy around. Plus he has been hurt by some of the sleazy deals he cut with other Senators in order to get health care passed, I mean you have to acknowledge they were sleazy, I mean the cornhusker kickback, it just smelled bad”

Harry Reid has not had time to campaign back in Nevada as he has been tied up in Washington, DC with this unpopular health care bill. But as the skit ends, Obama states that he is not running in 2010. He wishes he were, because unlike the unpopular health care bill … he is popular. Yep, real popular as seen by the most recent Rasmussen Daily Presidential tracking poll of -17.

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