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March 02, 2010

Warren Buffet Tells Barack Obama to Re-Write the Health Care Bill

Posted in: Barack Obama,Economy,Healthcare,Obamacare,Obamanation

Barack Obama and the MSM were quick to report that financial guru Warren Buffet was on the side of Barack Hussein Obama. How come we do not hear more of the fact that even Warren Buffet thinks Obamacare is a disaster?

Warren Buffet told Obama to re-write the health care bill. Not jsut add things to it that Republicans want, but to start from scratch. Buffet calls for plan C.

Warren Buffett came out against the health care bill today, essentially echoing the Republican position that the administration should scrap the current bill and start over. Buffett, a longtime Obama supporter, told CNBC the current health care system is “like a tapeworm eating at our economic body,” with costs that are “really out of control.” He added, “Unfortunately, we came up with a bill that really doesn’t attack the cost situation that much.”

Buffet appears to agree with Republicans, Independents and a majority of Americans who say … scrap the bill and start over from scratch. Buffet realizes this bill will bankrupt America.

Barack Obama is supposedly going to unveil a smaller version of his failed Obamacare plan on Wednesday. It is obvious that this will be a window dressing version of what Republicans really wanted in health care reform. It is also obvious that Pelosi and Obama are getting desperate to pass anything because they don’t have the votes.

So in the end Obama will provide America with only have a crap sandwich, instead of a full one.  It’s not just about what you add, its about what needs to go. It is also becoming apparent that this bill will not be able to pay for itself without using fuzzy math.

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