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March 01, 2010

Barack Obama’s Campaign Visit for Harry Reid in Nevada had Negative Effect

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More Hope & Change You Can really Believe In …

Barack Obama proved what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, including Harry Reid’s terrible poll numbers. Obama’s visit to Las Vegas to campaign for the embattled Senator was a non-event.  According to the Las Vegas Journal Review, Reid got NO BOUNCE from Obama’s visit.


Relax Harry, leave it to me, you are safe, the Obamamessiah is here to save your Senate seat

Reid got no bounce from Obama’s visit on Feb. 19, when the president spoke highly of him at Green Valley High School and to business leaders at CityCenter, polling indicates.

A larger percentage of voters surveyed (17 percent) said they would be less likely to vote for Reid following the president’s visit than said they would be more likely to vote for him (7 percent). Seventy-five percent said Obama’s visit would have no effect on how they vote.

“Reid was not helped, and Obama was not any more popular than he was before he came to the state,” said Brad Coker, managing director at Mason-Dixon Polling & Research.

President Barack Hussein Obama has become the “kiss of death” for the Democrat party. Obama’s last visit to Nevada to campaign for Democrat Senate majority leader Harry Reid was at best a non-starter, at worst … a negative. When asked if Obama’s visit would make you more or less likely to vote for Democrat incumbent Harry Reid, 7% said more likely, 17% less likely and 75% said no effect at all.

Polling data from the Mason Dixon Polling & Research via Jamie Wearing Fool has both Repulican challengers well ahead of Harry Reid and both with over the 50% threshold. Wait a minute, isn’t it the incumbent that is supposed to garner over 50% to be safe?

Lowden, a businesswoman and former state senator, bests Reid by a 52-39 percent margin if the vote were held today, according to the poll. Her lead in polling from Jan. 5-7 was 50-40.

Tarkanian, a Las Vegas businessman and attorney, would prevail over Reid by 51-40 percent today. In January, he held a 49-41 lead.

Our Senate 2010 analysis has Harry Reid losing his seat as part of the present +9 gain for Republicans.

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