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February 22, 2010

RINO Arnold Schwarzenegger Dismisses Tea Party Movement: ‘Not Going Anywhere’

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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made some disparaging remarks while on ABC’s “This Week” hosted by Terry . Schwarzenegger dismissed the Tea Party movement as he stated,“The Tea Party is not going to go anywhere.”

“I think the Tea Party is all about just an expression of anger and dissatisfaction.”

Scott Brown was elected in Massachusetts, states like NJ & VA that voted for Obama have turned RED, Republicans are ahead in polls across America, once safe Democrats are now fighting for their political survival and the once untouchable Obamamessiah now finds himself at mid 40′s approval ratings and this is attributed to just anger and dissatisfaction. Sorry Arnold, it is much deeper than that, the People’s eyes are open and will never be closed again.

Once again we find an individual who has no clue what the Tea Party represents. Why not? Because at his political root, the Terminator is a liberal and exactly what the Tea Party stands against. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the embodiment of all that the Tea Party is against, a so-called RINO Republican who promises conservatism and in the end buckles to liberalism. As Another Black Conservative says, please do us all a favor and become a Democrat already.

Check out the VIDEO at Mediate for Arnold’s comments on the Republican Party and The Tea Party movement. What is most telling, when asked whether the the Republican Part was they party of “NO,” Schwarzenegger responds by beginning with the word “THEY”. They? Don’t you mean “WE” Gov. Schwarzenegger? Last time I checked you ran as a Republican or is this your term limited way of getting back in the good graces with the Kennedy’s?

Well, you know, they have the big opposite position. I mean, because first when it come to the party itself, they have to do everything they can in order to win in November. So they’re going to say no to everything …

Full transcript at ABC News.

Just a little tid bit from the past and some food for thought for Republicans … remember when all of you thought that Arnold was the end all be all and provisions should be made to allow him to run for President? How’s that idea looking now?

Oh and by the way, Arnold Schwarzenegger bragged on Obama’s stimulus plan and how it saved 150,000 jobs in California … dear Mr. Governator, California has an unemployment rate of 12.4%. That stimulus package just did wonders in your state, didn’t it?

California’s unemployment rate is the fifth-highest in the nation, after those of Michigan, Nevada, Rhode Island and South Carolina, and it’s significantly higher than the national rate of 10%.

Economists expect the state’s labor market to remain weak as the critical housing sector continues to struggle. Over the last two years, California has lost more than 1 million jobs.

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