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March 10, 2005

Judge Orders Arrest of Michael Jackson

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Looks like Michael still not taking this seriously.

MORE HERE. And here.

Can this case get any more strange?

Update from Drudge: “Lawyer tells judge that Jackson is in hospital with a serious back injury… Sources say Jackson is ‘on his way to court now”

As of this moment, 12:24 EDT, Michael has 11 minutes to show or he is going to jail.

What would happen to us if we acted in this manner if we were on trial? Maybe at this point the Judge should just conduct the rest of the trial here.

Wizbang also reporting.

I think we can officially mark this date as the day the Judge lost control of the trial. However, thanks to Michael Jackson we now have a new pool.
Guess what illness Michael will come up with to miss a day of Court. Please leave your responses. You are allowed more than one. As the Democrats say, vote early and vote often.

Our friend at HUD has an insightful perspective on what has become the a predictable event, otherwise known as The Jackson Three Ring Circus.

Via Jeff Jarvis: If you see one thing about Michael Jackson it has to be this.

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