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February 18, 2010

One Year Anniversary of Trillion Dollar Stimulus, Obama Applauds as Success … Where are the Jobs?

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The One Year Anniversary of the $787 billion jobs bill … how’s the “hopee, changee” thing doing for you?

It was the one year anniversary of the Obama/Democrat $787 billion stimulus package that was supposed to keep unemployment at 8% and create so many shovel ready jobs. The only thing that appeared to be “shovel ready” was Obama and his minions rhetoric.

A note to America … you know when you know that a government spending plan that promises to create jobs is an abject failure? When you have to be told just how good a plan it is and the successes of the plan by the people who gave you the plan.

That is exactly what Barack Obama and his minions did yesterday as they spread out across the country to tell unemployed Americans just how great Obama’s $787 billion spending plan was for job. Americans know just what an EPIC FAILURE this bill was and for Obama and his band of merry men to claim the benefits of this colossal disaster only further proves why his poll numbers have tanked and the people do not trust Obama on the economy.

Obama, in a White House speech, said he believed the stimulus will save or create 1.5 million jobs in 2010 after saving or creating as many as 2 million jobs thus far.

His point was to show that the stimulus, while admittedly unpopular, had the effect of keeping the U.S. economy from plunging into a second Great Depression.

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) – “Today’s anniversary of the Democrats’ trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ marks one year of broken promises, bloated government, and wasteful spending.”

“Where are the jobs?”

The Gateway Pundit has more of Republican Whip Eric Cantor list of top 12 lowlights from the Democrat Stimulus bill from this past year. Think your hard earned tax dollars were well spent on this pork barrel spending bill disguised as a jobs stimulus bill? Check out what your money was spent on. Here are just a couple of gems.

6. Did You Save 30 Seconds On Your Last Trip Through Thedford, Nebraska? $7 million in taxpayer stimulus funds are being used to build a bridge in Thedford, Nebraska. The purpose of the bridge? Helping 168 residents avoid a 30 second wait at a local train crossing.

12. At Least You Can Skateboard While Your Town Goes Bankrupt The city of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, which has a $5.2 million school budget deficit and about a $4.8 million municipal deficit and has eliminated about 40 city jobs so far this year, announced that they will spend $550,000 in federal stimulus money to construct a skateboard park at a local school, because it is “shovel-ready.”

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