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February 18, 2010

UN Climate Chief Yvo de Boer Gets Out of Dodge

Posted in: Global Warming

Yvo de Boer, the UN Climate chief has announced that he will step down from his position in July 2010. But of course this has nothing to do with the recent global warming scandal and the total and complete failure of the recent Copenhagen Convention where is you were to believe the global warming propagandists, all they accomplished was to increase the global warming carbon footprint, not decrease it.

The U.N. climate chief Yvo de Boer has resigned to join a consultancy group as an adviser, the U.N. climate secretariat said on Thursday, two months after a disappointing Copenhagen summit.

De Boer will step down on July 1 to join KPMG, the U.N. framework convention on climate change (UNFCCC) said in a statement. He has led the agency since 2006.

“It was a difficult decision to make, but I believe the time is ripe for me to take on a new challenge, working on climate and sustainability with the private sector and academia,” de Boer said in the statement.

The decision was probably ripe to get out of dodge in the wake of the growing skepticism of global warming scientists claims, global warming propagandists scandals, and misinformation.  Maybe Al Gore will have a new job?

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