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February 13, 2010

Missouri Senate Election 2010: Blunt (R) 49%, Carnahan (D) 42%

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Republican challenger Roy Blunt continues to lead Democrat Senator Robin Carnahan  in the Missouri Show Me Senate race, 49% to 42%. In December 2009 Carnahan had a 2% point lead; however, since then the trend has swung to Blunt in MO and across the United States. This is the polling trend with most American voters in every state.

Robin Carnahan.  On their side. (Obama, Pelosi & Reid) Not yours.

A Blunt victory in Missouri would represent a pickup for Republicans in the US Senate.

Little has changed this month in Missouri’s race for the seat being vacated by retiring Republican Senator Kit Bond.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely voters in the state shows Republican Roy Blunt leading Democrat Robin Carnahan 49% to 42%. Just three percent (3%) of Missouri voters would opt for some other candidate, while six percent (6%) are undecided at this point.

Barack Obama narrowly won Missouri during the 2008 Presidential election; however, it appears that many of Obama’s policies are presently opposed by the Show Me state voters. As in NJ, VA and MA, an Obama campaign visit to Missouri with so many opposed to his policies may be a detriment to Carnahan.

Like the rest of the country, most Missouri voters (56%) believe cutting taxes is the better way to create jobs than increasing government spending. Just 17% take the opposite view. Most voters in Missouri (53%) favor across-the-board tax cuts for all Americans.

Fifty-three percent (53%) also think it’s possible to balance the federal budget without raising taxes.

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