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July 15, 2005

Possible Break in Aruba? Barrel Being investigated.

Posted in: Natalee Holloway

Its being reported on Fox News & MSNBC: A barrel in the water in from of the Marriott hotel is being investigated. It would appear that Dave Holloway and Natalee’s aunt along with Texas EquuSearch are in the water trying to pull it out of the sand. This was supposedly a tip given to the family last night after Greta’s show and they have been out here all day. According to MSNBC the information of the barrel was given by a tourist over two weeks ago, yet nothing seems to have been done. The information was then provided to the family last night. One question that comes to mind along with many Monkeys, where the hell is the Aruban LE?

Update: There were about 6 people and the water looked fairly calm and clear. MSNBC reported a tourist reported seeing the barrel, its partially buried in the sand under the water. The search team is investigating it now.

*************************UPDATE************************** According to Top95: reporting only concrete in barrel; however, they will take the barrel for further investigation.


Picture thanks to The Political Teen.

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