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February 08, 2010

Sarah Palin, SPDS Strikes Again … Palin has the LEFT in the Palm of her Hand

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This is what the LEFT is going mental about? Five words written of Palin’s hand … are you serious? This is your Woodward & Bernstein moment?


Hat Tip: The Founding Bloggers

Note to the left: You can read the writing on the hand, or the writing on the wall. Take your pick.

The LEFT is in the midst once again of a delusional meltdown of SPDS (Sarah Palin Delusional Syndrome) compounded by complications of TPDS (Tea Party Delusional Syndrome). This should have been more predicable than the season onset of the flu as Sarah Palin did the Key Note speech this weekend in Nashville, TN for the Tea Party Convention.

During the speech Palin gave some advice to Tea Party folks in attendance and Americans across the country, don’t get bogged down in the small stuff, think big. This noise from the LEFT is less than small stuff, it’s ridiculous.

“Each of us here is living proof that you don’t need a title to make a difference,” said Palin. “Let us not get bogged down in the small squabbles. Let us move on to the big ideas. To do so would be a fitting tribute to Ronald Reagan.”

The folly and hypocrisy of the LEFT knows no bounds.

When I first heard the story of crib notes I thought did she have a piece of paper, a 3×5 card to remember phrases, etc. Of course we should have known better as it came from the sleuths at the Huffington Post. FIVE WORDS ON ONE’s HAND???!!! That’s it? You would dare compare a teleprompter reading President to 5 words on one’s hand?

This is how desperate the LEFT has become. This is how much of a threat that Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement is to the LEFT that they will stop at nothing, no matter how ridiculous to try and smear some one and as Michelle Malkin states, try and change the subject. Obama uses a teleprompter, complete with sections that tell him to smile, look concerned and pander to the American people.

The RIGHT side of the Blogosphere is breaking stories like the ACORN scandal, Climate-gate fraud, Rather-gate, and so much more … the LEFT has Hand Jive.

A note to the LEFT … You do know that this hissy fit that you threw over the weekend will back fire on you? Writing on your hand will now catch on and become part of Americana. Wait, look … The Gateway Pundit already has a new pic of Sarah Paling campaigning for Rick Perry in Texas with “Hi Mom” written on her hand. See picture of Sarah Palin HERE.

Another note to the LEFT … Please stop embarrassing yourself.

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