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February 03, 2010

Arkansas Senate Election 2010: Rasmussen, Dem Blanche Lincoln Down Big to All Republican Challengers

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Bye, Bye Blanche …

First came the PPP polling data on the Arkansas Senate race for 2010 and now comes Rasmussen’s devastating poll for incumbent Democrat Blanche Lincoln. Stick a fork in Blanche Lincoln, she is done …

According to the most recent Rasmussein poll Lincoln trails every Republican challenger, Hendren, Baker, Coleman, Cox, Boozeman badly. In every poll the Republican challenger gets over 50% of the vote while Blanche Lincoln only garners at best 35 to 36 percent. An incumbent only polling in the mid 30′s! Devastating. Add another to the list of Democrat candidates where Barack Obama is toxic.

Her GOP rivals, including Congressman John Boozman who is expected to enter the race on Saturday, all earn roughly 50% of the vote against the two-term Democrat.

But worse for Lincoln in the latest survey is that her numbers continue to fall. In September and December, her support was between 39% and 41% in these match-ups. Last month, it slipped to 38% or 39% support against any of four Republicans. Now, her support ranges from 33% to 36%.

Boozman, the newest entrant in the race, runs strongest among likely voters in Arkansas for now, beating Lincoln by 19 points, 54% to 35%. State Senator Gilbert Baker also leads Lincoln by 19, 52% to 33%. State Senate Minority Leader Kim Hendren posts a 51% to 35% lead over the incumbent.

What can Blanche Lincoln and Democrats hang the poor polling numbers on? That would be Barack Obama’s policies and the Democrats insustance on pushing health care through Congress against the will of the people. Do not expect Barack Obama to be making any campaign appearances for Lincoln this season.

Lincoln was clearly hurt in previous surveys by her key role in advancing for debate in the Senate the national health care plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. But she has since been more critical of the plan which now appears to have run aground in Congress following the upset GOP Senate win in Massachusetts earlier this month. Most Arkansas voters have been strongly opposed to the plan for months.

Lincoln’s reelection bid isn’t helped by the president’s numbers either. Obama lost Arkansas to John McCain by 20 points, 59% to 39%, in November 2008. But voters in the state are even more critical now.

One had to wonder what the WH was telling these politicians while they supported a bill so unpopular with WE THE PEOPLE? Did they think that this would all blow over and the people would forget? Did they not take the People seriously? If so, they though wrong.

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