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July 08, 2005

Wouldn’t This Add Insult to Injury? Who Needs to Apologize?

Posted in: Natalee Holloway

From the Washington Times, Aruban libel threat in missing girl case

The mother of a missing Alabama teenager could face a libel lawsuit for speaking publicly about two suspects’ release from an Aruban jail.

In some of the most astounding comments made yet in an investigation that has had more mishaps and its share of amazing comments comes this.

But the Kalpoe brothers’ attorney, Elgin Zeppenfeldt, threatened legal action for the mother’s remarks, CNN said. He accused her of making “prejudicial, inflammatory, libelous and totally outrageous” statements. “She called our client, Mr. Satish Kalpoe, a ‘criminal … involved in a violent crime against my daughter’ and who is ‘allowed to walk freely among the tourists and citizens,’” Zeppenfeldt said in a statement.

It seems an even more ridiculous comment has come to the forefront as they expect Beth Holloway-Twitty to do what?

An apology was not ruled out, the report said.

AN APOLOGY!!! Excuse me? You know what is slander and libel and deserves an apology? Who called who a criminal to the police? When the Kalpoe brothers along with Joran with forethought who concocted a story (lie) and that implicated two innocent security guards to take the rap for something they obviously did. Oh, I guess the attorney of the Kalpoe’s forgot this little tid bit of what they did to have two innocent people arrested because of their lies.

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